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Q & A: Good afternoon DS: training?

Question DS good afternoon? Training I havent requested time … So voilàJ’ai been away from DS for a while … and since his return and looking at some answers, I noticed a tendency to recommend “the formation of Assault” for chiensce the male is “the formation of aggression”? can someone enlighten me s -Please on this? How’s everyone been? what’s new? ADD: Alesi, you say you havent registered your babies in the new program yet? lolMeilleure response: Answer by Chis

Ooooo ….. to be the slogan of the new Dog Whisperer. It must involve some level of violence and deprivation so that we can all hold hands and say “It’s all in how you raise them” In fact, they teach the class (you know how all chihuahuas are aggressive ) Launi OMG – I almost pee

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  • Yes dear. I can help you. It is actually a type of training for dogs wimpy. He is training to help boost their confidence by learning to be aggressive *. It involves the introduction of work outs to build muscle and athletic martial arts to build and agility classes taught by renowned leaders * The * all over the world to teach this way aggressive treat the world of chiens.Je have registered one of my dogs inside. Have seen some fantastic results. Something very close to this:

  • Wow, I guess I really need to get away with it because I have not heard of this latest trend! I must do it also to be one of the cool people who talk about it! Where can I register?

  • Some owners when the trigger is that their Dobermann was “born defective” without the “naturally protective gene” and start looking around to increase its “mental toughness” and aggression. Training Boot camp assault would be complete with rides vélo.http :/ / ~ ~ V

  • Bells Hi.Maintenant lately I have heard two different types of “aggression training”. A world where people think they can form an attack on a dog and the other when people think they can form an aggression in a dog. The first is usually used on a dog is snapping at people or who have already attacked. It uses a variety of tools such as chokers, abuse (hitting / beating the dog) and shock collars. Some “trainers” use the same addresses to try to curb aggression. What quacks! This is for the weak tempered dogs that owners want to be aggressive. Similar to the training of personal protection, but not (if that makes sense). Work not usually bite. It stimulates virtually all of the dogs trust. Although I have not looked very far into what I had friends tell me about it. So far I’ve heard good reviews but honestly, I would not force my dogs to be aggressive if they are pas.Ce that stupid people on both accounts. Do not they know that aggression is genetic and you can not train in or out of a dog. I guess not.

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