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Q & A: He calls me “Soul Sister”, what does he mean?

Question rettub ilf ? He calls me “Soul Sister”, what does it mean He calls me “Soul Sister”, what does he mean? Back in February my boyfriend and I were discussing the song being ” Hey Soul Sister “and he tells me he thinks the” Soul Sister “words in this song is a reference to being a soul mate. I agree. He then went on to say that he really liked another verse in the same song: “I knew when we collided, You’re the one that I decided, which is one of my kind.” Now I can not remember exactly what he said afterwards, but it was to the effect that I was “one of his fellows.” Since then, he refers to me to be “a fellow” or him being “one of my fellow” ect … And every now and then he calls me “Soul Sister.” Is it strong enough for me to suppose he thinks I’m his soul mate or is what a little tense? We are in our mid to late 20s, both with much experience dating relationship / so I’m sure it’s not just a fad thing young puppy love we have underway. So I’m just curious what you all think about a man who told this to a woman he meets. Merci.Meilleure response:

Answer by Me
it means you’re like his sister laugh, play, cry and u are deep in his soul, he loves you you are in his soul / heart <3! Awwww hope this helps;]

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