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Q & A: Help how to house train a dog that is not saved learning?

smellyduck Question !? Help how to house train a dog that is not saved Learning I saved a doberman 16/17wk, it has never been house trained, the people who had let him go where ever and when ever he wanted, how can I re train, it is the engine of our crazy, I was taking it every 30 minutes, saying, go toilet, and praising and giving treats when will , washing and spraying the area after it is going to remove perfume, say no and try to catch him out if I go inside (it just me and ends anyway) all I can find, I tried as in “puppy house training,” he needs a different way because he is old? Can I break this habit? Best answer: Answer by
Most dogs do not have full bladder control until around 10 months – so you’ll need to former.Avez you a box? Here is information on how to potty train using a case that could help you! OS and any dog ​​any age is potty trained the same way – you just have to be more patient with a puppy (under the age of 2 years). addition, some dogs can take 60 or more repitition to really learn something well. Patience … it will happen if you are compatible.

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  • may need a coach to help you .. Looking for a local trainer and begin to ask questions .. no dog is old to learn new things and this is all new to him so he has no idea what to do, he just knows hes gotta go and gos

  • Okay, so he was never trained … it is a rescue dog adjust to a new home … and it is still a puppy. It is probably a little freaked out and does not understand what you voulez.Je would start from scratch and assume that he knows nothing. Get a crate and use it. Crate-training, done correctly, is the quickest and safest way to housetrain a dog. I will not give details on how to do it here, but there are a lot of information out there for you to lire.La key is to be consistent, to establish a routine (and it does not mean all 30 minutes!) And never let it out of your sight when he is out of his cage but inside the house. You can leave him and tie the leash to your belt … just let it follow you around the house. Be sure you take him out first thing in the morning, after meals, and always after a sieste.Il takes time and patience, however. Never punish him for an accident, but always praise him when he gets it right. Could help you if you take him to the spot outside the pot breaks, then it will associate this place with pee in there and get lots of praise when he does! Just do not give up on him, because it’s not his fault its former owners were not responsible. Enjoy!

  • It sounds like you do everything correct. Patience and time aidera.Voir the links below for more details

  • Sounds like a job for the “Dog Whisperer”.

  • I have a doberman male 10 years old. Most dogs dominate’ve ever had! Best dog I ever had! Nothing to do with age. Not a “habit” to break. I bet he is marking his new territory. I think you do everything corriger.Quand my Dobe was a puppy I was in an apt. The girl said to the stairs, uh, it’s so cute, you need a night off, let me take him to the floor and you can have peace. Great! She came knocking on the door about 15 minutes later because it was Mark All. He raised his leg and marked the dog trainer (I swear, a true story). Take him to Petco, Pet Smart – same thing. Take him to the store (office) – hey guess what – same thing. He has a new home and needs all living things in the area to know that I “m wrong, and I’m here baby …. Keep doing what your doin ‘-. It takes time especially dobermans a male is a dominant race -.. you see, you keep testing you and testing takes some time for the “puppy” to leave too, I swear my dog ​​n has not moved for 5 years and everyone I met told me. this boy. they were right! Greatest breed in the world! love and attention and patience. Need help? E-mail me

  • The body is a very good idea. Try it out when it shows signs of needing to go, but it begins before (most dogs sniffing around the circle before you pee). If you have trouble keeping track of him enough attention to him sniffing, you can try the umbilical cord Approach – leave him to your belt loop – this way he can not sneak out behind the couch.

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