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Q & A: How can I get my dog ​​to calm down inside ..? Please, any help?

Question Vixen * : How can I get my dog ​​to calm down inside ..? Please, any help? My puppy is 5 months old Alaskan Malamute. It is such a wonderful dog, when he is outside! He loves being outside, it does not stay there, he may come whenever he wants, but he likes the cold autumn weather and prefers to be outside. But I let him outside when it’s dark outside, I do not feel comfortable. Anyway, he is so hyper and inside of the rebellion. He gets plenty of exercise, I talk to him for walks to 30-40 minutes in the morning and play in the yard for a while, he turns around outside during the afternoon and it worked again for 60-80 minuets before we bring him to the nuit.Maintenant the problem. When inside with us, scream at us for no apparent reason, and it also digs and tries to chew our couch pillows. It also makes us, he digs at our side with his legs and screaming. I do not know why he does this or if you want he wants. I’m not sure how to go about “training” to calm down inside. I’ve dealt with Malamutes before, and never had this problem. It is fabulous on the outside and on walks, but not inside with nous.J have tried to ignore him and turn away until he behaves and then reward him, but he is not always quiet, even for a second! He jumps on me when I turn away, and, as I said earlier, he digs me. I also tried a water jet, but he loves the water and scream anymore because he wants me to spray! Please, if anyone can help, I’m not sure what to do. He gets all kinds of toys, but do not really care for long, and gets all the exercise he besoin.Merci in advance for reading this! Best answer: Answer by Jayme

A Malamute is one of the breeds most dedicated work … These dogs live to run and sleep in the snow! It is not met enough of a challenge for his “work”. (Life) This dog requires hours (difficult) exercise (always bearing in mind that you implement it slowly). Howling is a way to keep in touch with the pack, and sterilization would not be a bad idea as it may calm his wildest desires to move.

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  • if its interior crazy, then when you first let him put it on the couch with him and pet him until he is calm

  • Well, you asked how to get your dog to be quiet inside your house right? Well its kinda hard to have a quiet dog most of the time, but there are some ways to keep a calm dog. Try giving your dog a treat, but it may take some time for your dog to get used to being inside your home. Every day to take your dog to or every other day and put your dog into your home and use it will get inside is correct. =)

  • My cousin has a husky who is 5, and she loves me. She digs me and only me to get my attention and when I dog sit for them, it was under the bridge and make me go down there rubbing his belly for a while, then follow me to the inside. I know Malamutes are very closely related to sled dogs, so it may just be his tempermant, each dog is different! He may need a companion – my cousin has a husky, boxer, bulldog French, and Toy Fox Terrier and Husky is in the group, but when she is alone she screams and wants his own way.

  • Oh wow, malamutes dogs are amazing! So pretty. if you adopted at the age of 5 months, it is likely that he missed a training that would have benefited as a young puppy. I would take him to obedience training as soon as possible. This will allow the intellectual stimulation and help him learn to sit and be quiet on command. If you choose a good class with a competent coach, he / she will help you understand these behaviors. Try to choose a class that has a certified person with a college degree in animal behavior.

  • Well, five months, he is teething. You should try to give him raw meaty bones to chew, such as bone beef, ham or perhaps intimidate sticks or rope toys, kongs stuffed with food and frozen. You can also check the food you feed him. Puppy food will give him more energy than it needs, so you can gradually move to an all-or adult stages. Cheaper foods are junk food pretty well too. Like giving a kid sugery snacks will be hyper, and the low quality dog ​​food. You can find some good info on dog food to

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