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Q & A: How can I get my puppy to love me?

daniegirl917 Question : How can I get my puppy to love me I got a puppy a few months ago from my girlfriend … He is adorable and I love it, but I hate it! I stay at home during the day and I think that although “potty training” him – he decided that I was a bad B * tch! My fiance came home and ran to him … (Pee on the floor) wag his tail and jumping up and … with me, he hides under the bed every day to come that if I went to pick up the kids from the bus stop (when he leaves me a bunch of shit on the floor). HELP! Ok guys …. I do not SPANK … LOLMeilleure response: Answer by

Sorry to be mean, but how did you ever a boyfriend if you can not even take a dog to love you?

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  • may also try to stroke or if it does not shout somethiing bad not evil just say that if this work does not try to confront your fianc’ee and see what it does to the dog the too fond

  • freeze dried liver treats during training when he does what he says to give him lots of praise and dog training friandisesLa Sirrus look for and buy the vidéovotre dog will love you for it

  • I had a puppy for a while, and if I may say so, he loves me. Many …. Anyway, if you want your puppy to love you, I suggest talking to her. Be comfortable. See if you share the same interests. I saw all this on an episode of Oprah so you know you can trust him.

  • Sorry, but you do something wrong. I hope you do not scold or spank voice haute.Il decided that you are not a alpha.Un puppy is hard work. Crate train during the day. Take him out to the pot and jouer.En addition, puppies sleep a lot.

  • Do not hit the dog, the reward for good faire.Pour punishment, you must use a spray bottle and spray in the face. Not recommended for training pot.Les puppies can not control their bowels and train is not too early juste.Une Another reason is that your man is the alpha male and leader of the pack. the dog will follow him everywhere because of it.

  • Praise the dog when he does something. Give him treats. Some dogs do not respond at all to training hard and abrasive. Depends on what breed of dog.

  • If you spank them or hurt them, they hate you forever! Unless you start giving them love. If he does something bad (shit or pee) and you do not see there’s nothing you can do as they do not know (although we think they do! ) You can say a word that is the same word you use to discipline so that he is aware that he did something wrong …. But you absolutely need to give him lots of praise when he does something right, say “good boy” and give him a treat.

  • Do you shout at him or hit him when you tried to potty train? It sounds afraid of you. Try praise, play and treats. Be nice to him and he will end up being nice to you. Try to take it when you go to pick up the kids. Puppies like a lot of interaction and attention. Good luck.

  • Get a different method for potty training and spend time with his dog, and just walks Playtime câlins.Vous can try hard to train the puppy with a system that is too intimidating for your type of chiot.Quel Training that works for one dog may be too harsh for a dog more sensitive. they are all people like you and do puppies pee moiBeaucoup submitted a welcoming person. Read about this and many puppies grow this behavior

  • Treats! give him lots of treats is not the kind of crap, but deals with the quality. And make sure that its only gives the candy!

  • Treat it with love and gentle, but be consistent and firm in yor expectations. Take him out to potty every hour or until it learns and treat and praise him generously when he made his off entreprise.Ne not use negative training and do not spray in the face with water . You can spray anywhere on the body, but the spray in the eyes / face can be dangerous. In your case, it sounds like he’s afraid of you, so would be against all spray-productive. You’re going to build his confidence. This means spending a few minutes several times a day, holding, stroking her and talking softly or even singing softly to him. Make sure that you are the one who feeds him and gives him sweets. Take for walkies and play with him. Ask him to associate you with all the good things in his vie.Pas bad recipe for raising a child too!

  • Perhaps you would pot trained in the wrong direction. Do you spank or scold him for peeing in the house? Do you rub his nose in his pee? These are some common errors that do not help potty training, but only make the dog fear you do not like. For potty training, you should be watching your dog and taking him at appropriate times. Every time you find him peeing in the house, immediately take him outside to finish. Then praise for going outside. And if you do not have to look and find him when he has an accident, you can not discipline him. He will not remember what he did wrong. He will not understand, even if you rub his nose in it. It will just think you are moyenne.Aussi, you say he is running to your boyfriend and pees. It is a sign of submission. You need to socialize the dog, unless you want him to pee like this for the rest of his life. Socialize it will have more confiance.Vous can be done some damage to your relationship with the puppy during the break. You need to build confidence in you, and form a closer bond. Sign up for an obedience class. They help you to socialization and training him (with positive measures) will help you two are a greater obligation. Bring with you deals with the class and it will begin to see you as their leader, and the giver of great things. Then he will not deny: and take the dog with you when you go to pick up the kids from the bus stop! Perfect time for a walk! The exercise, best place to shit, and walk together will help your relationship with him.

  • hahaha … Sorry but I could not help ,:))) anyway, hope it will work “first do not make eye contact with him every time he peed on the second floor, catch it and take him, for this practice, it will come to know that you do not like that. Finally I fear that your children are little hostile with him, if you make them love puppy, I’m sure he’ll start to behave normally

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