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Q & A: How can I make my dog ​​put objects in his mouth? (Part of dog stuff)?

Question ☺ ☻ Sam : How can I make my dog ​​put objects in his mouth? (Part of dog stuff)? I have a dog who comes sniffing things and not putting them in his mouth, even with a toy! How can I make him do? It must be able to do something for it teaches! She is a shih tzu. (IF YOU are going to say “Shih Tzu DOGS ARE THE LAP they can not be trained” “THEN DO NOT bother to answer this question!) Best answer: Answer by

Put some smelly food on or in an item and hold it for her. When she puts her mouth on it, praise him and assign a command (such as “take”). Repeat. It should soon make its way, and begin to pick up an object offered when you say “take”.

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  • You must obtain his excitement about them! Play with yourself, show her how fun they are! Get her interested in them. And by the way, you can not force a dog to do something – so just try to make him like them somehow. If you can not force him to put things in his mouth, just accept it. She will when she veut.Bonne luck!

  • Some breeds are harder than others (retrievers make it easy) but the basics are taught first “fall” so you can get a reliable version. Then you agree with the dog playing the desired item. When the dog bites the item, you remove your hands and making the slightest mark and reward with a treat training (1/8 “cube”) tiny or not to use a treat to all that if you play, drawing or chasing the element is sufficient reward .. Whenever you stretch it slightly. Only reward for the release AFTER commnd. If you are consistent, the dog will get it. If you really want to have fun, to enroll in a training clicker good. Understand that all philosophy is to open a whole new world for you and your dog.

  • Put a little food or a foul on something and hold it for her. Some breeds are harder to teach than others.

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