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Q & A: How can we stop our dog to go potty stuff on my husband?

question CatGirlKelly : How can we stop our dog to go potty on stuff my husband We have a bulldog four and a half months. It is “potty trained” pretty good, but it used to run upstairs and pee on the floor next to my husband’s side of the bed and pooping in his side of the cabinet. We watch closely, but it is fast and is on a mission when she does this. I think she knows to be false, as we cry “uh uh” the trainer taught us and high tails it out of the room, as she knows she is in trouble. We will not use the time to respond to this so please do not offer friendly advice puppy comportement.Merci mod! Best answer: Response

by KoAussie
If it is still going on in the house, it is not yet educated so you’ll need to be more vigilant. If she is prone to darting away from it try to place the lead in the house, cutting the head yourself, if it is always at hand.

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  • It did not hurt if you keep the bedroom door closed so that wouldnt make your doog;] I hope this helped coz I do not think I got the point.

  • close the bedroom door yer .. so it does not go there .. then she will learn.

  • Keep the closet door and bedroom door closed. This solves the problem. You crating at night, so she does not have access as well? Furthermore, what you clean it with? Sometimes it can improve the smell and attract her back. Miracle of nature that works best. Products such as Clorox only improve the smell, which is probably what attracts back to these places. This is not personal against your mari.Si you taking enough to eliminate him, she should not have a full bladder for this. Do you bring out every five hours? During the day, she should go that often, given his age.

  • I have a 1 year old German Shepherd doing the same, it’s just going up stairs everywhere well, try to use a baby gate to keep it from getting to that area when you’re not around and close your door of the room that is the only way I get mine to stop because I do not use punishment is. Crate training is another option and it is not worth it, it is actually more like a den for dogs once they understand this is not a bad thing, mine fixed in his lot, even when I’m at home and the door is open box. Good luck!

  • Keep it on a leash in the house so that you can prevent it from sneaking off to have an accident. Since she took the habit of going into the bedroom, keep the door closed so she can not go in there for a while. And no, she does not know she is doing something wrong – high tail it out of the room because you shout at him. Make sure you take enough short intervals, and reward her when she goes in the right place.

  • Believe it or not, but I had the same problème.Nous have two dogs shih tzu 17 months and 9 months old baby maltais.Ils are potty trained, however, when we arrived each and every When my husband and I were not in our room, they would sneak in, pee and caca.Nous tried blocking the room – tout.Mon advice ….. What you have to do is establish dominance claire.Nos dogs are not allowed in our room at all for some reason quelconque.Essayez it. Not leave it in your room to sleep, visit and do câlins.Votre out limites.Lorsque room you’re sitting on your bed and she comes to your door, it is not allowed to enter période.Nous have used our clairement.Maintenant dogs saying, I can open my door and they will not impose enils at the threshold, but will not come in.

  • LOL, thats funny. we bought this stuff in a box spray on things to keep our dogs away from things we do not want them as a Christmas tree since I had a male dog lifted his leg everything. this stuff does not really feel better, but it pushes the dog away from it. I got to Wal-Mart and a purple possible. there is also another product called Bitter Apple Spray, but I think that only works for dogs that chew on things. here is a site that you can visit to spray repellent homemade dog and you spray on areas problèmes.http :/ / / articles / homemade-dog-repellent.html

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