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Q & A: How is the current weather people dogs (except Julie)?

question Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS : How is the current weather people dogs (except Julie) When your dog housebroke what method did you use? How long did it take and if you think that the size of the dog has nothing to do with it and what is the best advice you can give a new owner? Should not tampons, newspaper, etc. considered house “training” instead burglary? Best answer: Response

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weather is great, yesterday it was weird but then again the whole day was weird, because I spent a good part of the afternoon trying to keep my horse and mule my neighbor to run a busy road fréquentée.Général I put them outside and wait for them to go and praise them when they do. Little time for my dogs, Bulldogs took a little longer than weimaraners. I think size plays a role, as do small breeds are known to be difficult to break house.the best advice is not for the platelets being abandonner.Comme house training, not sure about that.

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  • The weather is awful more. Here in the Midwest, the weather was so wonderfully warm for a few days, then we get about 1-2 inches of snow last night. * Sigh * Zeus was not the easiest to clean puppy, but he caught it fairly quickly. Every time he went into the house, we did not punish him to go home, we watched the super-carefully and when he looked like he was starting to go potty let us out and said: “Go small pot. “He quickly learned that outside potty breaks were for, well, pottying lol.Après some time he learned to go sit by the door and whine whenever he wanted out. It does still today. Gracie never had an accident in the house when we passed. already knew that it was outside the bathroom. 🙂 I do not think the size of my dogs really had something to do with it, unless you mean that some small breeds are more difficult to propre.J hope that the time Julie saw is good! (Aka no snow)

  • I train drum and snare only train … I have a pet door and I am careful to be really consistent so it does not take long at all … it’s been a while since we had a “baby” in the house, but I do not remember much if any “accidents” at all or take a very long time. Having a pet door is a lifesaver … I love it. Whenever I tried to break small dogs that I had more trouble than my big dogs … I prefer big dogs of any façon.Je would never use newspapers or pads because the duty court is bad enough, I’m sure I do not have shit and piss papers in my house all day, except when there is a purpose for that old or sick dog who has trouble outside. The only time I did try (as a new dog owner and do not know better) that the puppy chewed or pad would squat on the pavement with his ass hanging over and shit and piss on the ground anyway (lol, funny now, not so funny at the time) …

  • so you can start by taking your dog with you when you need to go and eventually your dog will get it. in fact, this is how I housebroke my puppy and she learned quickly just continue to take with u if here is also better and the last thing I turn Whatever the size of your dog

  • I do not think pads or newspapers must be used when house training a dog because they thought he was allowed to enter the house, and if you have newspapers or magazines on the floor, but c ‘ is good guerre.Il defines you and the dog to fail from the start … train the dog is outside the only good to do, and you do not have problems later .. And yes it comes from experience back when I tried to house train my lab adolescence. I’ve done everything mal.Il snow here today and has been for the last two days with more tomorrow .. Winter suceajouté: Sammy .. I am next to SD and I still wonder why I’m still here .. * Jette moldy bread to the trolls … * enjoy it!

  • FROID.Il was 60 degrees Wednesday. We had fun, walking. Thursday, cold weather installed, and now we have a ton of snow on the ground back (after melted) and brave froid.Heureusement time, it is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow and all next week. I can literally feel the spring, I am currently house vanguard of a dog at the moment. My method is persistence. This is the part I hate the most have a puppy, and it’s very annoying, but once that is done, it’s so nice. I hope we can get this sorted out in a month or two, I think once the weather warms up, it will be a little easier to convince. She hates being out in the froid.Mes older dogs took a couple of months to housebreak. I think size plays a role, yes.

  • 1. We just took them out of pot all the time. But four of my five dogs were adults when they were from training to pot took them no time at all. With our Toy Poodle who had 3 months.2. Size has nothing to do with it. Age done. Adult dogs are easy to train small pot.3. Patience. And be consistent. And make sure your life allows for a puppy if that’s what you want. If no one is home during the day, take an adult dog. And no puppies or small dogs for people with young children. Adult, large sized dogs can treat young children much better than small dogs can and chiots.4. Carpets and newspapers have nothing to do with training. We only use tampons because if we went for long periods of time during the day. Otherwise, they go outside pot.Edit: I live in ND, then under zero temperatures, it is

  • OMG, they were promising SNOW for us last night and this morning and afternoon to 800 feet in Southern California. I mean, it rains a bit and they are on “storm watch” for days. You should have seen yesterday and today with the thought of SNOW! As usual, the weather people were FALSE FALSE FALSE. It rained like hell but now its sunny degrees, 51. Barely snow weather! Why can not I find a job where I can be wrong all the time and always be utilisées.Domestiquer dogs Collie has ….. 4 1/2 months old when I got it and already housebroken (crate trained), my Pomeranian was 9 months old and both high. During this time I have another Pom Now one who has diabetes insipidus (diabetes mellitus while different people are familiar with) which leads to drink and urinate excessively. Consequently, there are times where he just can not do it in the time, but he tries. domesticate We often taking it out when he was a puppy, but with this disease, it often must go every 20 minutes, even now. I have to keep a cinch on him in the house. I think it is a better option putting pee pads as I do not think it is ok to go in the house and he can not get to the door, he can not go to pee pads so it would not productive.Je do not think the size of the dog has nothing to do with it. I’m so tired of people not bothering toy dog ​​to housebreak their dogs, saying “oh it’s a small dog so it has a small bladder” dogs bladder is proportionally the same size as a large dog! There is no excuse.Le best advice I can give a new owenr- you have a dog that is already well élevé.ADD: Waving to AR BARK snow for you right now sunny and 55 here in So Cal. I feel cheated. They promised snow. I have never seen the snow falling from the sky. leads and I went to see snow, but it was already landed ………..

  • The weather here (Ontario, Canada!) Aspire, but it is better than before. -5 ° C (23 ° F) at this time .. : (Can not wait to + 20 °, I used the crate to housebreak my puppy. And when she is not there, its just strictly controlled. You do not know how long its going to take me, but things going well so far – I just need to know when to go, and I have to wait for the bladder to mature a little so she could keep better (it is currently 12 weeks). She is a Border Collie / Lab / Aussie mix, so Med-Large. It is well on its way, but can not wait until she’s done, I think the size may something to do with it, but not always. example, a Chihuahua can be problems out to pee in this time, where as a large dog can enjoy the snow (like mine). Other than that dog small – small bladder. Might have to wake up frequently during the night, and take the dog out more often during the journée.Un new owner .. I had to emphasize strengthening CONSISTENCY, supervision and positive. Do not shout about dog in case of an accident, and always supervise. When you can not, make sure you have a place to confine the dog. I turned my head to my dog ​​literally one second and turn back around an accident. This is crazy lol. I think crate training is great, and recommends what to do. then his patience just do not think tout.Je pads and newspapers are considered potty training, or potty training, but I sometimes call break one of those – but I used to say outside.

  • I house trained all my dogs starting to take them to court our puppy starting when they are about 4 weeks of age. This gives them an early start on it and also gets used to being outside in the elements and time. Momma dogs are usually nearby so they can ensure that their babies are ok.La Most of our puppies are on track to be trained before going to new homes at 14-16 weeks of age . I don t consider newspaper, puppy pads pee pot or patch tool rupture.Parce good home my point is why the house to train them twice, once on pads or paper, then outside. Do it once and do it well.

  • Weather is terrible. It’s snowing. NEW. I hate WI.Je did not have to train or domesticate the house (whichever you prefer) since I was 10 (I’m 20 now) and had friends, my mixture of lighter since I Roxie as a house of formation for 1 year. But anyway, if my memory is correct we have the door and there was a method papier.Il schedule in place for the puppy and we had a babysitter at the time for my younger sister, to friends rarely had time to go on the paper from the guard would come out quite often, but it was still closed off the kitchen (in fact, the only linoleum, everything in this house was carpet) until she was about a year, my parents did not really want to leave “destroy the house” lol … but after a while they got sick of walking on doors and Buddy has grown to the point where it could easily jump over the barriers. Having said that, I think maybe it took a week or two for any accident occur at any time jamais.Une funny, however, can be a month or two after my parents considered her “completely house trained,” they thought she had an accident and almost brought the house sound, but in reality, she just bit a hole in some Mt . Dew Cans … they leaked onto the floor, and you know how this thing looks like pee … So, I came home to get my parents to scare the sh * t out of my puppy pauvres.En honestly, I do not think it matters whether you call it breaking or internal training … I use both words, but I hope I never have a dog that is not housebroken ever. Puppies are cool, but I prefer young adults.

  • You have not asked the beautiful spring sun as daylight. Today is very cold with strong winds. Oh, and our bridge collapsed under the weight of snow. Sigh. It’s a good thing we were going to do it again at home printemps.Je have not used a “method”, I took my puppy out on a regular basis, and looked at a learned to anticipate the moment when he had to go and have learned the signs that he was about to go outside earned him rapide.Je had no idea what I was doing it worked well. I can only recall two accidents, and they were both our fault (x I did not have the idea that when the dog needs to go he has to go). The best advice is consistency. And teach your dog. In every answer I give in the internal break I say that the puppy will tell you every time they go, you just need to learn to see. Of course, you must also be observation, which is where a crate comes in handy.

  • Weather – snow. Its fine. I almost want to start skiing again, but tomorrow his call for rain. Noix.Le burglary and using newspapers. OK, it’s a nightmare for me. So allow me. What’s wrong with newspapers in a crate? Have you ever seen a mother with puppies want to curl up on a cold, hard aluminum / metal floor? I have a dog-pas.Est see a newspaper and think: Oh, wow, its the Saturday edition – I’d rather piss on elle.C is that the theory and the so-called “behaviorists dogs” piss me off (pun intended). Yeah, a puppy will instinctively crawl away from the mother and eliminated. So we know dogs are instinctively clean animals living den. Adding a substrate their pension to provide warmth, comfort and hygiene increase is hardly going to turn into potamochères.Avez you ever been in the car, started driving and realized … ooops, you have to pee ? Maybe you have a little cold. Maybe your body does not behave exactly as expected. Must ban SUVs and drive to people in sub-compact so that if they piss They should sit in it. enseigner.Je am It’s going to be dramatic. Perhaps its time. puppies But my point is accidents have a few days (or nights), even if all the other days they were fine. This does not justify making them layer., and put them in a metal cage hard and cold that has nothing to lie on in my opinion is cruel. inutile.J And, have for the past 30 years I ALWAYS aligned boxes with newspaper (leaves it flat located on the edges), and then shred it over the top to create a nest. I always put my puppy in a crate giant St. Bernard. they love it! And I never had a problem breaking my dog. Ages: I do not remember exactly, but its importance. 4 months I think. Maybe its risky. I know that 6 months, my dogs are left out of the cage all day while I went to work in a kitchen. they do not chew, and they do not piss partout.Et to adulthood, when I put the newspaper on the counter or in the box, my dogs do not jump and pee dessus.Le newsprint is just a substrate, such as wood chips or dirt. This is not bad. Its cheap and easy to find. And if they chew a little her, she does not kill them. coverage other pourrait.La short version: if you train your dog to eliminate on command outside, it will. So, in the spirit of Nike .. . it.Fin just do the soap box. I think my dog ​​has read this post, and now has to pee. 🙂

  • SNOW! he does’nt want to stop … with my dogs, I take them to the door, take their paw and scratch the door .. Then I want to talk like a dog, no joke, and tell them to do the same thing .. I also pee sd / shit .. Once they went outside and I slap my hands and say YAY .. Puppies that are born of the mother puppy mill I put a pee pad as soon as I could, eyes still closed. . I’d pee / poop, and I tell you they crawl pad to pee themselves .. It was placed next to the box delivery .. When they arrived a few weeks I did the same with the legs scrape or a groan, and they got it .. They say Pekingese are difficult to train, but these little buggers were smart as a whip .. No more pee pads and that was the only time I used .. I remember the time when the newspaper was the driver at the same time .. I must say that the way back when I did the same thing .. a learned behavior .. ;)), But I was able to break this habit quickly ..

  • It snowed in Cali so freakin cold! We took him outside, praised him when he went out, scolded him when he went inside. It took a few months when he was two years old, I do not know if the size has nothing to do with burglary. The best advice is to be patient, especially if they have a breed that is known to be difficult to housebreak. Pads and newspapers should not even be used at all, there is absolutely rien.Edit: UHave2BeKiddingMe I live in Norcal, and the bridge in my back yard was sprinkled with snow.

  • The weather is boring, not much happens in the sky. Cold, miserable and just unbearable. Bring on the summer. Background for dogs .. I must admit the confession pee pad. They were cheap at the pet store so I decided to give it a try, ruining weeks of taking him outside and let him pee on the floor literally 24/7 since he was rewarded for it . Abandoned platelets began to take it more often. It was summer, I had no excuse. We have seen a dramatic change in the image. It took weeks and weeks, but it was worth it in the end. I cleaned pee inside with vinegar, completely stunk the whole house for some time temps.Combien? Given all the time lost probably 2-3 months. Should not have taken so long, but I learned my leçon.Taille the dog? Depending on the size of the dog in question was. A chihuahua with a bladder slightly smaller than a mastiff or Irish Wolfhound. Still no excuse to take your dog both heures.Le best advice? Drop the pads and remove the chien.Plaquettes should be considered “house destruction”, as it is about what buffers.

  • I still make house training on my first dog when I was 8 years old and it was a puppy 8 weeks old … not a big disaster you might think, but I like to spend my night on the kitchen floor with him whining loudly and I was desperately trying to make it did not go to inside the toilet. It was during the summer that I had so it was doable. From memory, I have no idea what I was 8 years old, but my parents say it has been “fairly quickly.” With my dog ​​now that I’ve done pretty much the same thing, almost constant surveillance . At night, there were newspapers down around his bed a cardboard box and he passed over them, but he never turned on him using the bathroom elsewhere in the ‘intérieur.C It was just constant repetition, inside – bad, not good, not right outside – treated like a king when you go potty there. Kept an eye on his diet and habits and how long after he had to go pee or poop, spent a lot of time outside of any façon.Pour, he took a few weeks before he got . I do not remember accidents in the future. It is kept inside during the night in the back room and he needs to go out at night and he was able to close the door closed so he can not escape what is rare, it will barking until someone wakes up and leaves him sortir.Je had never heard of a case of a dog house so if I’ve never used one. Since I know I can train puppies home without it then I doubt that I will use in the future. I have no idea if what I did was a name “method” attached to it or non.Le best advice, do not let your dog has free roam of the house, keep a confined area or the room until it is formed and the repetition and supervision are elements clés.Je do not think they should be considered as more than what they are … help cleaning up. I never praised my dog ​​to go to the newspaper that it was not what I wanted, and I’ve never scolded for it because if he had to go outside n ‘ was not an option, so I prefer to do there. He just made it easier to clean accidents in matinée.Le time here is ok today. I have not seen much of it as I was lying in bed all day because my back is now gone and it takes time to plan a trip to the bathroom for me … have fun!

  • When I was a foster betty I would take out and if she went to the bathroom outside, I would say good girl, she finally learned to go to the door when she had allerLe weather is sunny here yesterday we had dark clouds and some rain, but today is sunny with some dirty joke nuagesC’était In fact, I love the sun and even pluieJe think the pads must be considered to break training and not because the dog is taught to go to the beach within the home or anywhere

  • Snowy again. You have three or so inches on the ground, but a little yesterday fondu.Oh, Rotts, I’m jealous of how vous.Prenez the dog outside at the same installment of an hour. Eg every two or three hours. If an accident occurs, correct, and then take them outside immédiatement.Les dogs have smaller bladders, so they must be out more often, or it will take longer for them to learn. Although all dogs have a different learning rate in this regard. Few weeks to months.The best advice? DO YOUR RESEARCH. I can not stress this enough. I had to do seven years of research, preparation and save money before my parents leave a dog at the age of 12. And no, I am not exaggerating pas.Oui, that’s why I hate myself a little to train my dog ​​mat. But I’m done with that now.

  • It is always crap. We got two inches of snow here in IL two days ago. Fortunately melt! It’s cold and muddy / wet. Basically, beurk.Je just limit them to a room / box (depending on the dog) and planes on schedule and their food outside. Nothing more, nothing less. My new puppy was no accident tout.Je really think the size has to do with it. Small dogs need to get out more often. My laboratory and Akita / GSD only took a day or two. My Cairn took a week. My Peke / Chi took a week and a half. My Chi took longer. He has the opportunity of an accident overnight poop in his cage, but it is a disgusting rareté.Les pads are flippin ‘.

  • Its cold today …. 49 here at three o’clock in the afternoon. It rained like crazy last night and everything is soaked, but it is supposed to be sunny and a bit warmer tomorrow. (UHave2Be. level snow …. you looked down when I got home this afternoon afternoon, but I’m about 1000 feet, so I’d say the snow level is probably about 1200-1400 feet). Much of my life, I just took my dog ​​outside on a regular basis, and confined them in a room with a washable floor when they were inside. I have never owned a credit union until the year dernière.Maintenant, I have a box, and use during the night for new dogs. I always take the dogs during the day and keep them on a hard surface until they prove worthy of confiance.Des dogs home 22 I have had over the last two years (no less than 8 months), it took me anywhere from one day to 10 days to housebreak a dog. I do not think size has any impact. Unless a dog has been ruined by over-boxes and forced to live in his own mess, dogs are naturally clean creatures of habit, which, by nature, back to the same place. The only trick is to get them to understand that the place is outside. I do not think it is very difficult (unless the dog is a chihuahua and it’s raining): o)

  • I do not know. I’ve always heard house “break” until I get dogs age adulte.Quoi be it. Let me see … The dog that I had to put own puppyhood was the dog I had litter accident my friend when I was 16. I was 16? or 15? I do not remember. We used his newspaper. Suddenly one day, she asked to go out to toilettes.Depuis I started promoting it was the case. And eyeballs and speed. lol.Le time it took varied. I had some take 1 or 2 weeks and I had a take 2 full months. OMG, I do not think I had a dog under 25 pounds welcome if puppy or an adult, so I can not comment on taille.Oh, wait, I think I have your house “training “joke. lolHA! We just returned from shopping with mom. I hué.Ce was a pleasant day sun hug if that makes sense. Not that I hugged the sun, but it was as if the sun hug you. And that’s saying something coming from me that I am anti-Ra. Bye. Time for this old geezer breaking down.

  • Cold and icy, I guess it’s going to rain and I expect more ice … I took them out as often as he took and rewarded when they came out of the pot, never had an accident in the inside … I’ve never owned a small dog, only medium and longer, but what I can see from with other people I know and experience small dogs tend to be more difficult, but I will not say for sure that I have no experience with it myself … I am totally against accidents punish so I guess that would be my advice, and be patient … Learning the cleanliness is more like pot pads IMO, I aways thought breaking burglary, home is not used as the bathroom at all, not even on skates …

  • we have always used paper at 12 weeks to save the distractions and accidents puppies left us very high, so that the owners are often told to take it out and leave some paper through the door just If oùcomme todlers it takes time to get rid of accidents and oversights if they are excited, they forget to go to the bathroom too, but the other main training should not take more than a few weeks at most if made on a puppy right after 12 semainesmais night, they still need paper or, as they sometimes do not have sufficient bladder control to hold overnight in this âgeJe do not think size or race has nothing to do with it, I think the owner and how good they are in the method they use has everything to do with him so that his side about finding the method that works for you as an owner and stick to it and do things

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