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Q & A: I have two new indoor dogs. What should they learn to do?

Question Bam ! I have two new indoor dogs. What should they learn to do? Just curious about some things they need to know how to be a “well trained” dog. They are both Shih Tzu.Meilleure response: Answer

by DC
sit, stay, down (if they get on the couch) calm (when you sleep) outside (if they have to pee)

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  • shake paw, sit, stay, roll, go potty, try ball, it would be for the commencerassurez you give candy, just do not faireévaluer, girl boy good bonII sometimes say that is always in the kitchen to give my dog ​​a cookie, they will run, I started to explain and they knew what that meant, so now I’m trying it in Italian, it’s so cool …

  • Sit, stay, talk, make me a sammich, do me a beer, do the dishes and take out the trash.

  • The reminder is very important. Sit, Stay, Down, Drop, Leave It, excluding some commands. Do not get on furniture, staying out of people, no begging, chewing on their toys and not your furniture and stuff like that. Some habits can be “cute” for now, but will they be “cute” a year from now? Start early and be assertive with them. If anything teach the recall. They need to learn how to come to you when called, no matter what!

  • do not let your dog sleep on the couch …. making the rule (meaning higher rank than you), you should not play too hard of a war with them and becasue coward ahows Thery are stronger than you ….. you should teach them not to jump on you when they dont fondle becasue they will think its good to jump, I would also adise you should take them to a local dog park met some new animal friends. .. … would you be in this world without freinds? – Thx good luck with your new best freinds <3 Taylor

  • All dogs must learn to walk on leash without pulling or walking in front of you, like all dogs must be walked by jour.Tous dogs must learn: “Leave” (never drop a pill on the floor?) ; “Wait” (as in, wait until I put your food down, or until I put your leash on) “Come” (security word very important!) “Sit” (so your dog does not jump on people who visit you!) “Down” (so your dog will adjust when you need them to be quiet), and “stay” (ever tried to open the door when the bell rang and talk to one who is there without the dogs barking and jumping to get to the person?). I could not imagine having a dog who did not know these commands. We have four in our house, a black lab / retriever mix, a lighter, a Boston Terrier / Heeler mix and a Boston Terrier. They are all dogs inside, because they live with their pack, we humans …..

  • I think the following are good bases to teach them: If the asseoirVers basResterVenirMarcher in laisseVoici some tips on training on the above tasks:

  • I have one year male American Bulldog mix that I taught to speak, shake, sit, rollover, lie down, high five, and chasing his tail. He also knows how to look, come, move (as in from in front of the TV) and stay. Some of them are just for fun, but the sit, stay, come, and transport controls are the best of them, I think I could have taught him. It will stay in place when you tell him to, no matter what, and come when called. They are good for their safety if they were to ever come out of their leashes. Good luck!

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