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Q & A: I love my friend but I do not like his dog?

Question !? I love my friend but I do not like his dog I have the sweetest, my dear friend in the world who lives 6 hours away. The last two times she came to visit me for a few days she brought her teacup chihuahua. At first I liked the little dog, but the more I’m around him the more I do not like. I spent $ 400 at 3 to replace the carpet from two visits because “pot trained” dog ruined. The dog has bad breath so horribly all she licks should be washed … much. And she licks … much. And the dog is mean as hell to other friends who come over, she tried to bite 3 another friend of the child yo! I do not want to hurt the feelings of my friend, but I do not want to visit more if she brings her chien.Meilleure response: Answer

by the nickname lawl
“take care” of the dog, then comfort her when she discovers her fate.

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  • tell him to get obedience trained dog or not to bring.

  • throw the dog duhhh window. jokes just tell him if she should bring the dog, she cant cum

  • how bout u changed your perspective .. u hate her and love .. the dog ..

  • Just tell him to do so trained, I have some of these problems with my dog ​​but I keep my home if a friend complains, remind them that my dog ​​lives here and they do not 🙂

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