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Q & A: I need help the patient and remain calm while “training” my kitten! What can I do?

asheligh4 Question : I need help the patient and remain calm while “training” my kitten! What can I do? Help! I’m trying to train my kitten, but I am increasingly frustrated as the days pass, and it seems to be getting worse as he grows and explores more. How can I be calm? I want him to stay out of my stove and coffee tables and leave the climbing curtains. I always tried to spray the thing – but it is a bit silly (and still young enough), so it scrunches just get up and we must, then runs away. I tried to remove him from the room (to take him to the attention, etc.), and I tried to do both – the water, then put it on. But none of this works and I find that I start to scream and panic – tonight, I spazzed and have poured about 5 times over until the poor was sopping wet! I know you’re not supposed to slap on the nose like dogs, and I know the kittens are notoriously difficult to train, but is there another techinque I can use? If not, is there a way particular you can recommend to keep my patience? I refuse to put double sided tape on the things I do not want to touch him … I tried on a few things and it did not work anyway. Moreover, sometimes it’s just not possible … For example, he jumps from the ground on the stove … I do not have to tape my stove, but I do not want to burn it if he jumps up there and it is still warm or hot before! Thanks in advance! Postscript to comments rid of him or that I am a pet owner bad are clearly not appreciated …. Best answer : Answer by Jessica Kruse

be consistent w / the water jet. I have four cats. In my experience, my cats do when they want to my attention. Positive reinforcement – treats for good behavior? I’m glad to hear ur not heavy handed w / ur kitten.

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  • There are several things you need to do. Start by Walmart. Buy nail clippers for pets and read the instructions. Buy a sisal scratching post and a buffer SmartyKat scratch. Also buy toys such as plastic ball games with bells inside. A map of these is really cheap and cats love to play with them. Kittens are occupied. Mine have ruined the curtains and jumping on everything. of three rescues, one is known to enter any. You can stop them at one point. Age will calm them down, but it may take up to two years. Choose the cat and start playing whenever the cat misbehaves throw balls or other toys to keep him busy. In other words distract his attention.Quand you will see on a counter, clap your hands hard and give a stern “no”. These things will help, but does not stop all problems. As I mentioned, the cat will calm down with age. It’s part of owning cats with different personalities and energy levels. Screaming that you do, or do you good and fulfilling nothing. Good luck.

  • You do not own an animal badly. When I had a litter of 4 kittens in my house, I thought I was going crazy with them to climb tout.Normalement, I would recommend a bottle, but since it did not work, you’ll have to make up a notch. This may seem cruel cuz it surprise your cat, but it will not hurt him. Take an empty soda can, put some coins or coins or something like that in it and tape over his mouth. The next time the cat jumps on something or something goes up, it is not supposed to, throw the box beside him. Aim just above his head or his side. Since it is only a soda and not having much weight to it, if she accidentally hit him, it will not hurt him. The noise will probably surprise him really bad at first. But it will not hurt him. In addition, blowing in his face or ears will get a clear message acrossed.Bonne luck. I hope you find something that works.

  • contunue to discourage him, but he’s young and he will learn when it is aging more so now, much like the terrible two.

  • My aunt tried a can of compressed air and sprayed near his kitten when she was doing something wrong. The noise frightened her and she learned to do things that sound bad happens. So try a can of compressed air.

  • Aww. . . He scrunches just up! It’s just a kitten and an injury to one. By getting a cat / kitten, you can expect to jump on things, etc. Climbing curtains must be stopped, but with a little wild, it may take temps.Enlevez catnip toys. Put them all away or throw them away. Get a lap cat and put it near a window if possible. When you get home, play with him. Get little strings and drag them around. Make small balls of paper or aluminum and play with him. Then pick it up and try to calm the gently caress. It may or may not subside. He may need to be then put into a small room with a litter box and water bowl. would not be excessive spray bottle – it will simply fail both of you. Looks like you have just a very active kitten, it will grow on this subject, but it may take some time. Regarding the stove, keep a kettle with water in it. After using a burner, place the kettle on top of the hot burner. Better than the legs burned survenir.Vous that could have two options other than going with the flow: Get another kitten for him to play with. Then the two of them tear around together, but it has company of jeux.Ou, you could opt for an adult cat rather than a kitten. In an adult cat, you can see what type of animal it is, because it is already developed. But even an adult cat may have habits such as jumping on counters or chairs. Some may even use furniture for scratchig.Cela not going to resolve in a week or two. This is a baby and wants to play. You will need to decide if a kitten is really for you. If not, see if the original owners will take it back. If not, take him to an animal rescue league:

  • Man, are you sure you’re a cat person? Cats …. explore, they like to jump and run ….. when he jumps on the counter, etc. …. one word is necessary —- “DOWN” —- ie deep and strong ….. be consistent … they will try to test you (cats are not stupid * The Quite the contrary, very smart little minds *) …. and come on, it is a kitten … that’s how they learn by exploring ….. Do not use tape, water or violence for the love of Pete! … explore whether a kitten on his way to becoming a fantastic cat and faithful best buddy! = ^. ^ =

  • Mama cat or dog will grab their children by the neck and shake to give gentle but firm to discipline their enfants.Cela works with human owners, too. A gentle shake of the kitten or puppy remember their “first mom” and it’s a great way to make communication in the formation.Prenez neck, while in the ground, turn their faces to yours and give a slight jolt and a company, no word! Let them run away and think. But the next time they try to do the same proc├ędure.Vous talk to them in language they can remember their first (real) mom. It works! A little patience. And after punishment, when they come to you for love and comfort, they give generously (just like human children). But be consistent with your discipline. They need to learn.

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