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Q & A: ideas on potty training pads or outside funds?

Question Mom Anya ? ideas on potty training pads or outside crates My best friend and his girlfriend have a puppy and they are trying to potty train it. Its 13 weeks of age and they take it religiously every 2 hours and when he wakes up from a nap, etcIls not want to use tampons, because then they will have to retrain it and I think they are gross ( his grandmother uses it to his dog as his only way to eliminate). They do not want to use “crate training” because he works third shift and the dog whines when left permanently in the crate during the day, preventing dormir.Toutes ideas? Best answer: Answer

by Heather
put a leash, and he tape you for a few days. each time it seems that it’s about to …. take it outside to do his biz, then reward him. DONE

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  • Your best plan is to boost morale and train the dog cage. u can lose sleep for a week or two, but when buying a puppy, you must be prepared to take complete care of it. if you work long hours you need to crate train your puppy. try to give the toys when he whines and cries and punished when he uses the cage as a rest room .. let it out all night so he can use the lawn. puppies are like babies. get your puppy on a sched if she ended up using only the lawn when you get up for work. Dogs are smart, they will learn. Do not forget to love it 🙂 it’s the best thing you can do if .. crate train it

  • Extreme effort on your part. Watch it all the time and when you see him begin to bow to him seize and outside. Walk or stay with it until it happens. Then praise him and treat. It takes like you, but it works. We have trained many dogs like this successfully.

  • The idea is good, but leaves, I had quite a few searches in my life. My female Shih-Tzu had puppies and I put newspaper down on the entire kitchen floor. As the puppies grow older, I put less and less newspapers on the floor. When the puppies are old enough to take them outside, they learned their mother to go to the bathroom outside. If you do not have an older dog to teach the puppy when you take the puppy outside and he or she goes “potty” praise the dog and give it a treat. I suggest a very simple control, good when the dog goes potty on the carpet or on the outside and a stern no, if you see the dog go inside and not on a pad. I’ve never had to re-create one of my dogs. When they get older they seem to know to go outside. Please do not ever hit a dog or an animal. First they become so afraid of you they are confused. You must catch him in and say no!

  • I agree that the shoes are gross and they totally defeats the purpose. If they can not use cash, they closed a designated area for the puppy to stay when your friend is sleeping? As a bathroom or basement or home? I closed my laundry room and initially put newspapers all over the floor. When puppy peed on a place, I cleaned the papers, but does not replace entire floor with newspapers just kept peeing area. Puppies do not want to pee near where they sleep, so I just continued to put new documents in a smaller area. I would also tear a small piece of paper that had pee on it, and place it on the new document. After a few weeks ago, I had puppy on a sheet of newsprint in the corner. When they are home surveillance puppy, they should not leave a water bowl for puppy. Instead, after giving water puppy, take a breath away, and after 10-15 minutes. take puppy outside. When puppy pees, he praised profusely .. It will take more time, without the cash, but ultimately, puppy get. Good luck!

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