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Q & A: If I bring a new dog to my home, and tell him not to take the steak on the counter?

tylertxanreborn Question ? If I bring a new dog to my home, and tell him not to take the steak on the counter and it does, should I throw it out of the house and the curse of her puppies and their puppies life? “Do not eat the steak” means nothing to a new dog, even if I am it is the lord and master. What would master the most rational rather than throwing the dog and the curse it is descent is that you get the dog to associate with negative consequences on the counter. Now – should not the God of Abraham hit Adam and Eve with a little lightning when they are near the tree of knowledge – is uncomfortable when around the tree — “does not eat from the tree “means nothing to something without the ability to differentiate between good and evil, any more than” go kart yellow fishnet “would. You must look at history in a Pavlovian sense – without “training” them would not it be natural if someone handed her a steak for your dog – for dogs to eat? Best answer: Answer

by God
Adam and Eve were only tried for two reasons: 1.) Satan gave me a box cheezits2). I wanted something to laugh. What’s better than the fall of an entire species?

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  • It was not a literal story, Adam and Eve were just allegorical.

  • Why would you compare a dog with yourself?

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