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Q & A: If it was up to you what songs would you put on the “guns n roses” Greatest Hits?

question SECRET DESTROYER : If it was up to you what songs would you put on the “guns n roses” Greatest Hits * What are your Guns N ‘Roses Greatest hits? * I know there is a greatest hits guns I interested in your Guns n Roses Greatest Hits. * These are my songs for my Guns n Roses Greatest Hits: – “Rocket Queen” – “November Rain” – “Hair of the Dog “I know there is a song cover band called Nazareth. Guns made “Hair of the Dog” themselves. – “Welcome to the Jungle” – “Night Train” – “Paradise City” – “It’s so easy” Best answer:

Answer by Mr. NatFaz
Paradise CityOut Ta Get MePerfect CrimeShotgun Blues14 ansPluie of novembreIl is so facileKnockin On Heavens Door (there is a cover) Civil War

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  • Welcome to jungleparadise cityPluie novembredouce Child O Mine

  • I put defiantly November Rain there, I think it’s misunderstood.

  • The first album in his int√©gralit√©Knockin on Heaven’s Door

  • It is so facileNightrainMy MichelleWelcome JungleNe To The cry of pasEstrangedPluie novembreDust N ‘BonesRight Next Door To HellLe JardinLive and Let DieYou Could Be MineSo FineSur Get your MeRocket Queen

  • Welcome To The JungleDoux Child O MineParadise CitySon So EasyNightrainPatienceUsed To Love Could Be HerYou MinePluie novembreGuerre civileEstrangedDead HorseKnockin of the door is not cielIl FunSympathy For The Devil

  • Well, I guess that would actually “Best Of” one …… and it would be a double album, I do not put them in any particular order: ~ Anything GoesComaNightrainEstrangedNe damneTu me crazy (acoustic) Rain novembreGuerre civileNe not cry (original) PanneRocket QueenSweet Child O ‘MineLocomotiveOne in a MillionLe JardinC’ Good recovery is {} liveThink About YouYou Could Be MineCuir black lid {}

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