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Q & A: If my dog ​​is “pot-trained” already?

Question Kal-El ? If my dog ​​is “pot-trained” already Our Chihuahua is five months old. Most of the time it hits the mark, but recently he has regressed and made his case (two kinds) and on the carpet tonight, on our bed. Is it pretty normal for those of you who might have experience with this type of race, for him to continue this behavior despite living in our house for three months? It’s really frustrating! He went through several weeks where it was always the “right thing”. Best answer: Answer by

pot-train him now

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  • I do not see your frustrations. Many people post this same way, except that they talk to their children. It varies from person to person, and for animals it is the gap is even more large.C is an animal, and he has a mind of its own. You can not program it, but you can give encouragement and stimulus for the lead in the right direction.La decision will always be in place for the dog.

  • There is nothing wrong with this dog that can not be solved by yourself use the services of a taxidermist bonne.Rappelez you: One obedient plush Chihuahua is a Chihuahua. I have a stuffed cat that I said to “stay” in 1997, and it has not moved a muscle car.

  • do not worry hell learn to do the right thing only some dogsare slow learners, and the fact is dogs until they are 9 months 8 do not have full control over their movements bowl until then just keep workin with him. gl

  • Did something important happen? .. has a new person moved. made by someone more? .. do you have a new dog or cat? .. or simply get rid of it? Is there a big party with lots of people? Things like that could trigger a regression. I had a chihuahua for most onf my life (15 years) .. and whenever major somthing happened to change the lifestyle in the house, she starts having accidents in the house. Even when she was up there for years. give it time and in the meantime, the train again.

  • Ok I am a dog breeder not known, but I have 11 dogs and they are all great dogs. I have puppies that are about 5 months. The best answer to your question, in my opinion would be to crate train him. I also want to ask you if you are leaving him alone at home more? Chihuahuas are small dogs they need to be left at least every 2-3 hours. Generally, you can go to the dog’s age at times, the dog can hold their bladder / bowels. Keep the application of good behavior with a treat or praise.

  • You’re crazy or does somthing to upset that sometimes they do it out of spite as a kid, if you do somthing they do not like, they do somthing they know you’ll like if you need to give him positive reinforcement for the right thing doind and capacity reports for behaveior bad, I recommend taking his little head in your hands and say bad dog and moving his head side to side for some not hurt him, but to make him feel stupid and he will remember this expesialy after repeated a few times and he wont like it, but you must do as sonn as disposable dogs will forget in about five minuites from something they have done oh and positive reinforcement to give him a treet and say this is a good dog it is a reward and tone of voice is important in this way you can having well potty trained in just a few weeks. good luck

  • I agree with DarkMistress on training crate your chihuahua. I would also recommend giving treats and praise every time he went potty when he is supposed to. Furthermore, at this stage puppies can get a little stubborn scene much like two terrible. It could also be a dominant thing. If he is not sure where he is in the “pack” (or in your case, your family), you may try to take on the role of leader.

  • Always take him outside after he eats

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