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Q & A: If you want to keep dogs for future generations, we need help?

Question by Sir Hard & Thick ? If you want to keep dogs for future generations, we need help The new version of AB1634 is now available for viewing. In theory, ildonnerait now for some dogs and puppies “training” to apply. Ilpermet always the state to determine which dogs, we can reproduce! There is still no exemption for copying equipment that is not represented ettoujours no exemption for any dog ​​that no more than two has no title! Aucunexemptions are made for working dogs or dogs that do not fit in the organization or étatregistres approuvésToute CLUB IS ON THE LIST newThe OPPOSITION MUST send a RESPONSE OF COMMENTS ON THESE CHANGES AND CONFIRMATION OF OPPOSITIONPAR 19 AVRILS’il please continue to register your opposition as individuals with lemontage and assembly of B & P Committee and its consultants, excluding Maze assemblyman. For help and info go onhttp :/ / / ~ ~ Vhttp :/ / it please post and cross post and forward a involved danschiens any purebred or working in CAA switches, could you please tell where dogs and cats will come if we change all cats and dogs, not today, but within ten to fifteen years, there will be no livestock left, do you think dogs and cats magicaly will fall from the sky? all cats and dogs altered now means no puppies or kittens tomorrow! heb218, this bill will have no impact on puppy mills, they are already breeding ilegaly and will continue to do is how they earn their living, the only people this will affect are small farmers who already track their buyer very carefully and take their unwanted puppies and sick again and tell me if we castrate and all nueter cats and dogs now, where will the puppies and kittens of tomorrow come from? only the rich can afford to import pets from other countries! Cheney, anyone can look at your posts and see that there is no hope for you, you must be one of those people who say I want you to meet my mother and my sister, you turn around and there is one person standing there, you are an F-Tard! Best answer: Answer

by lyllyan
This is a ridiculous bill! Good luck down there.

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  • Personally, I do not see why people are so concerned about dogs becoming extinct. They are not! There are soooo many in shelters that seem forgotten. Of course we have beautiful purebred dogs that we love. But tehres a stereotype that shelter dogs are not good pets familiers.PAS TRUE! Shelter dogs (and cats) are pets as well as any purebred dog!

  • dogs will not die! there are so many dying in shelters, I know that I work less than one! I love animals and it kills me that so many are euthanized! we get all types of dogs, mutts, purebreds large and small, and I know they are put to sleep in shelters everywhere! we must stop byb and puppy mills, irresponsible people who also have there animals fixed and plan to breed for money! its horrible that so many animals, he saw at the beginning because there are enough homes Arnt. for each person born 15 dogs are born, and 45 cats are born! trust me dogs and cats will always be in our future! DONT BREED OR BUY HOUSING ANIMALS DIE!

  • Liberals like you destroy tout.Je keep my dogs until they lift my hands are cold!

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