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Q & A: Is there anybody here who has a pure fact of life?

TonyNeverLikedYou Question ? anyone here has a pure fact of life there is a big difference between “well behaved” and “well trained” dog ?? Do you accept that one has to appear before the other? I guess non.Dommage.Memphis: yeah, I had the same feeling there are 40 ans.Quoi In any case, c It’s like trying to run any software on a Microsoft-certified with old computer’s hard drive and fvcked mémoire.Peut be it sounds a cloche.Merci Kippies 🙂 glad someone got the “hint”: ))) Best answer: Answer

by Mom * of * the first pass to Kip
Dogs are like children -. there is no “well behaved” no “well trained”

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  • You have to train dogs! They’ve performed well! Now this is where I go wrong – the wishes of Mr BYBree-da I got my Pooki of told me ….

  • I have seen dogs very highly skilled who have not been very well behaved during their recognisance.Mon Chile is very well bred, but had little formal training. However, she knows what is expected of her. Go figure ….

  • A trained dog is under the control of managers in all situations and therefore has lower ribs bien.Un dog is under the control of managers at all times, behavior is managed and controlled environment, so will behave.

  • A, come-on, not to be bursting my bubble like that

  • No, my dear, they do not get pas.C is why I’m seriously considering marketing my “Instant-Lassie-inna-Can.” I would be a gazillionare in a month.

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