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Q & A: Is this condition to qualify for a service dog?

question : Is this condition to qualify for a service dog I have a problem with severe hip displacement resulting from pregnancy. I am a SAHM and have got a dog to help me at home when my leg is and locks. It is very painful and I have formed to support me and push me to the couch if that happens. Does qualify as a service dog? I could really use his help when I need to go shopping and appts, but it is not “formally trained” like a dog, really smart. Now I need to go the city for a month and really need him to come with me, because I’ll be gone more than a month. What should I do to get him certified as a service dog? I live in the state of Washington.Meilleure response: Answer by Rayven

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If your condition you are considered disabled under the ADA, the answer is not. So to answer that, you need to know if your condition qualifies you as désactivée.Il no certification for a service dog in general. everything that is needed should be disabled by the ADA and a dog that is trained specifically to tasks that relieve the disability.

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  • Only qualifies the status of assistance dog if your doctor thinks you have besoin.Si you try to get permission to have a dog in an apartment without pets, you will need to have a working paper a physician that needs a service dog and your dog must be trained to do so.

  • Plow through also certification is not mandatory and the community is divided on it. Washington may have a national certification service dogs. While some see certification as an infringement of their rights, it facilitates choses.Les bases are a real physical problem and a dog trained for at least two tasks as a dwelling. The laws are very friendly drunk, but many people are completely unaware of them.

  • Yes, your dog could be considered a service dog. There is no certification for it, but I strongly recommend that your dog training accessible to the public. There is much more to be a service dog to be moderately well-behaved in public, it must be exposed to (and stay calm and do the job for you) in a variety of situations that may arise in public . should be able to pass the test Citizen AKC good. It is ADI Minimum Standards for a service dog in public: 1. Public appearance: The dog is clean, well maintained, and has no unpleasant odor. Dog does not urinate or defecate in places inappropriés2. Dog behavior not to seek attention, appointment or defeat any member of the public dog should not disrupt the normal course of business Chien not vocalize unnecessarily, ie, barking, growling or whining dog does shows no aggression to people or other animals Dog not solicit or steal food or other items from the general population 3. Training the dog is trained to perform tasks to mitigate aspects of the person’s disability dog ​​obeys orders of his driver, unless intelligent disobedience Dog working quietly on a clip harness, leash or other The dog is able to carry out their duties in public dog must be able to lie quietly beside the driver without locking the doors, driveways, etc. The dog is trained to urinate and defecate on command dog is less than 24 inches from the manager at any time unless the nature of the task forces formed the work at a greater distance

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