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Q & A: My dog ​​does not listen to me more .. why?

question babagirls18 : My dog ​​does not listen to me more .. why I moved in with my sister and her husband a month ago. When we arrived, my dog ​​listened to me very well. They have 3 dogs (one is a puppy of 4 months). Since I moved in, they tried to tell me it is not formed (it is formed, but when a dog is approximately 3 dogs and play pretty rough, it is difficult to attract their attention) . My brother in law, he wanted me to learn how he trains his dogs (which, incidentally, pee on the carpet at the time and they are 4 years old), tried to train my dog ​​with treats in a “stay” of commande.Et my sister screaming my dog ​​(saying his name extremely strong) to stop barking when the puppy plays with my dog ​​.. My dog ​​barks because his puppy barks. Irritation is the noise level (my dog ​​has a loud bark, his dog bark .. calm for the moment, anyway.) So it is always yelling at her and never use the “bark” command I taught him. then she told me that my dog ​​is not formé.Un months later, I’m sitting here with a dog that just listening to me anymore, no matter how much I try to show the role of the Alpha. I think my dog ​​is losing respect for me because others keep “training” / yelling at her, instead of letting me take care of it. Is that my dog ​​does not listen to me because other people in the school it How can I get her to listen to me closely again? Best answer: Response

by Jenny Manyteeth

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  • Exactly what you mean when you say that you keep trying to “show the alpha role for her?” Back to square one with training. Take several short, lightweight, good workout with it every day. Each session should not exceed ten minutes, and everyone should end on a positive note, so that you also look forward to these sessions. Re-teach his commandments (separately, of course) in a very quiet without any distractions. Motivating to perform in mixing awards, so it’s a bit like playing the lottery – “Maybe this time I’ll get the reward jackpot!” Sometimes, give him a treat, sometimes three. sometimes give him a massage belly. Sometimes praise. Sometimes, playing tug of war or extraction. Gradually increase the difficulty of the situation, for example by adding one or two distractions (a person, another dog) until finally it can and will succeed even in situations very distracting. At any time, you have to stay relaxed, patient, consistent, firm and kind – oh, and not repeat orders from a bunch of times. Dire once. As you will be working from the starting point, you should not have a problem in that it completely ignores you, because you will slowly build capacity performance from the ground and not move to the next step until ‘that it is mastered the current one, you’re not going to throw around orders, unless you know it is at a stage where it can and will obey. Keep training as a game amusant.EDIT Ah yes, I forgot! You should also implement the “Say Please” or “Nothing in life is free” lifestyle. Basically, it should work for anything and everything she veut.http :/ / / blog / say-please / http :/ /

  • Well your dog sleep in your bed? If we should not let her sleep with you. Not repeate the command again and again, tell him once and run it. You may need to take like an hour to someone once. If nothing works, you may need to take him to a dog trainer. I took my dog ​​to PetSmart class dog training, and the people there are really good. It also depends on what type of dog you have. Some catch on faster than others. 🙂 Good luck I hope I helped

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