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Q & A: My dog ​​is very stubborn, but so-called “educated”?

Question Sammy F. ? My dog ​​is very stubborn, but so-called “trained” So, a year ago I had a border collie mix bull / pit. It is two yaers old now and I’m having a hard time with it. She was trained in origanilly a prison. She is very friendly toward other animals. She jumps the fence six feet of our hunting and our cat around. We tried to squirt, I work sometimes, but not all the time. I was wondering if there was anyway to train without spending too much money. And I know it’s natural for dogs to chase cats, but I know that dogs have been trained not to chase them. MerciAussi, I do not know what I do with so much. It may not sound like, but I have had at least 13 dogs! It does not get bored easily, it is mostly very mild. It also has 10 toys. It also has chew toys and bones, etc. … ouaisMeilleure response: Answer by

AQHAPesky1 Chief meute.Bonne of luck.

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  • Ask people who have been trained her what to do. I’m sure you still in contact with them where you saved your dog? And if you do not like, it is time to seek a new coach.

  • Your dog is acting very stubborn, because he obtained his path.

  • Looks like you do not continue training at home. Taking his class through a local dog training can help. Looks like she needs more exercise too.

  • Well the first thing to remember is that it is mixed with a terrier breeder, two are not the best around smaller animals such as cats. Both have high prey drives if the cat is running … they will hunt. Looks like you’re not sure what you are doing then I would find an obedience class (not one in a pet store like Petco or PetSmart) and sign your puppy up to class. It might be a bit expensive, depending on where you go, but it’s worth it to end.

  • Well first of all do not get an electric fence! And she jumped over the fence, because she is bored! Take her outside! And maybe coz she is a border collie, she is bored, because these dogs are supposed to be raising sheep! Here is a site to help you!

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