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Q & A: My dog ​​still mark his territory after castration!!?

by maplegirlie

question yes !!? My dog ​​still mark the neutral territory after I adopted my dog ​​a family member “pad potty trained” his / my new dog. It was also not neutered until he was three years after I adopted him. His “mark his territory” was accepted in his old house and was quickly cleaned with a mop. When I received adequate training pot it was quite easy, because he likes to go outside and I walk him hand and as soon as I let him out of his cage. GOAL ….. MARKING IN THE HOUSE STILL CONTINUES!! It makes me crazy and my house is carpeted! What can I do to stop it! Suggestions? Well, I am crate training him, and like I said, he responded well to regular walks. I know sterilization is not a panacea magic. I work in a veterinary clinic, I think I’m going to ask technical training. At this time, I know his answer comportement.Meilleure : Response

dawn N
This is Alpha dog or one who thinks that He is the alpha male who marks his territory. It seems that even though he was neutered, he still considers himself as being “in charge”. You must convince him that he is not. I suggest you read The Listener by Jan Fennell dog or get one of his DVDs from your library. These provide much help.

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  • Your dog is not housebroken, if he lifts his leg in maison.Tant people are under the impression that the removal of reproductive organs as somehow magically chien.Si you are not supervising her crate. To protect your carpet I suggest you buy a “belly band” to put on him. In this way, if you do not catch it in time at least your carpet is registered. Once the urine starts to carpet tile, it is here to stay and it will only encourage him to urinate again and again.

  • I have not seen how long it was since he had his surgery, but with a year 3 years, it may take some time for the hormone levels to baisse.J ‘ve had the problem, some with a little macho marker in our house – where he had been tolerated for years by the owner. After sterilization id say it took 3 or 4 months for the behavior to stop. It was, of course, with the formation continue.Accrochez you, time and perseverance can still bear fruit.

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