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Q & A: My older dog is “potty trained”, but is still in the house sometimes .. help?

Linwë The Question : My older dog is “potty trained”, but is still in the house sometimes .. help? My old dog (she’s five or six, I believe) is generally formed pot. When she has to go to the bathroom, she barks and we just scratched the back door and we let her out, no problem. Or, when she left alone at home or at night, she can go without. But sometimes it goes in the house yet, although we are at home and nearby. Any ideas as to what is happening? advice? We go for five weeks rental house, so it’s important that I find a solution, thank you! Best Answer: Answer

by Basset on the Net Except it
has a medical problem like a urinary tract infection, so she is not potty trained. It’s like being pregnant she is or she is to break 101 pas.Retour and recycle as if it were a new puppy.

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  • Perhaps because his routine has changed and she feels insecure? Or maybe she has a disease? Or on the potty-train her again if this is not the problèmes.Quoi it Regardless, I hope you find a solution! Good luck (:

  • keep an eye on her and scold her when she

  • When you buy a dog to buy in the winter.Get a comfortable niche and sleep there and itll shit when summer and autumn and spring when its game with you in and must go ……… itll … go to the kennel!

  • she might be sick. I had the same problem with my dog ​​and it turned out she was diabetic. but you’re dog is ok probs and just needs a little more training. Is what is happening since you got it or is it something recent?

  • Sounds like your dog may be the age of accidents. Like an animal (or person) gets older, its harder to keep! Sometimes they will get the urge and can not do anything about it. Try to leave your dog more often and, ideally, at regular intervals. Crating when you are not able to supervise her can be a good idea too.

  • If it is urine, it may be a medical problem, bitches can have low hormone levels, and this can cause leakage puddles, but not all the time, it can vary. Take your dog to the vet and discuss the problem with a professional

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