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Q & A: My puppy keeps messing in his crate! help!?

Question I ♥ Penguins : My puppy keeps messing in his crate! help!? My puppy has been “crate training” for about two weeks, and never had an accident. Suddenly he had 4 accidents in 2 days. His body is small enough that it can turn and went to bed, nothing more. We give him lots of toys or things to chew. I do not understand how he can go for two weeks without problem and suddenly be shitting in his cage! OH, and it will not pee in his cage, that shit. Any advice? Thank you, no, I give him so much praise when he goes to his little “potty spot” in our yard, I doubt my neighbors seem ridiculous to lol.Je understand that he needs to get out at least every 2-3 hours, and it is only about 9 weeks … but I do not understand why he would suddenly start doing this, esp. since nothing has changed … I understand he needs to get out at least every 2-3 hours, and it is only about 9 weeks … but I do not understand why he would suddenly start doing this, esp. since nothing has changed … Best answer : Answer

by Lisa Hutton
Have you stopped praising him to do his business where he is supposed to?

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  • Are you taking it to go to the bathroom often enough or long enough waiting to see if he has to poop? Puppies need to go to the bathroom quite souvent.-After playing after- After eating, sleeping / drunk-After leaving his cageEt approximately every 30-40 minutes otherwise

  • it might be to act because he is upset to be there or you lack. turn on the radio when you put it in there and put a piece of clothing with him to make him feel less alone. you need to take care of it because the dogs get really mad when they go to the bathroom in their cage. they do not like to sleep where they poop, then it will get nasty if you do not solve this problem.

  • Maybe it out more often. And attention to his signals it emits when it needs to go.

  • How long have you been leaving him in his cage? and how old is he? our dog that was to draw attention to were you give your dog less attention? diffrent shift ect.? Dogs do not like poop on themselves so that there must be something that has changed

  • you need to take puppies every hour or so.If you have a dog it needs to go every two hours.

  • Sometimes, just before a dog is a big leap in learning, they become really stupid for a short time. It’s like for them to learn something, they completely wipe the system and re-write all données.Assurez sure you let him / her outside to go potty immediately after taking him / her out of the kennel. Do not put food in the kennel, just water. Make sure to reward and praise your puppy when he / she does his business where he / she is supposed faire.Nettoyez damage with a product containing enzymes. Is this the usual shit, or is it that flows? If it is flowing, your dog might be sick, or just eat stuff bizarres.Je home just broke my German Shepherd a few weeks ago. I hung a bell near the door. Every time I let him out to go potty, I’d ring the bell and send with a leg before going out. Now, he just ring the bell when he shit and it’s not embarrassing or fort.Répétition.Comme Ceaser say, “be calm and confident.”

  • perhaps you need to take his food away early. maybe about 1:00 to 1:30 before bed. I have a month 3. old border collie that I had to do that to. one crash in two weeks. pretty good considering his age. Good luck

  • yes outermost less pot, and doggies ever pee in the shit oh my god it is not she the cutest little girl hay o boy here boy your mom and dad must love you very, very much like all of us here boyoboy someone help with the puppy

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