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Question by Anna ? Need help with clicker training My mother saw my increased interest in training my dog ​​for therapy work and bought me a dog-training clicker. She said that my aunt used a similar one to form his labrador and it has worked wonders on lui.Un problem … I have no idea how a red plastic can clicker train my dog. It is very food oriented and I am worried that once the treats are removed, the training will be straight out of his brain. I do not see how adding a small clicking noise will make the difference, not plus.Elle remain fairly well known, and is down so-so. Her name is Rosie and she is about two years. Sealyhams are some of the most stubborn dogs and certainly the most stubborn dog I’ve ever possédé.J I need a good explanation of clicker training and books or guides that can help me “clicker -train “my dog. Thank you! It maybe two, but she is not stupid. To be honest, it was a show dog and his breeder told me specifically not to teach him something like “sit” or “fix” because of the threat to these commands in the ring.Je am really glad that I did not teach him sit up a few months ago after she finished her championship – every time she sees a cookie now it is automatically, which would not be a good thing in response ring.Meilleure : Answer by

a.lee, clickertrainusa.comLes dogs learn about 15 to 20% faster when trained with the clicker. The clicker is more consistent than the human voice and it also allows you to desensitize your pet in new situations or scary. Clicker also allows animals to adapt to moderate intelligence and training to use them positively. For example, I clicker trained a cat to wave at me and then I click and cuddle and give him attention. Now when he wants me to fondling him, he waves me, letting me know that he hopes I will come over and reward him with a few hugs. If it was not clicker training, he probably would just jump all over me or meow or something to get my attention.

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  • The clicker is supposed to be that when the dog does something good, you click on it.

  • My suggestion? Skip the “clicker” all together. Dogs are smart, they can distinguish the words, they do not need a clicker. What will you do? bring the clicker with you for the rest of the lives of dogs? Teach your dog voice commands, and if it has motivated the food, go ahead and use it as an infatuation incitation.Laisser clicking one .

  • I’m not a big fan of clicker training, but I understand how it works. Basically, you start by pairing the click with a reward. To begin, just click, and once it polls the head, give him a treat. To do this, a band until she expects a treat every time you click. So you want to start using the click to mark the behavior you want. The reason that the clicker is to create a stronger association between the behavior you want and reward. To do this, speed is the key and this is where the catch comes in. If your dog associates the click with a reward, he knows he did the right thing when you click, then give a treat . “Sit” Teaching is something like this: Give the command “sit” once. As soon as it is, click the clicker and then give a treat. If the Assembly is not the first time, you chill for a second, reset and try again. Sooner or later it will sit, then you click and treat. It takes patience, to say the least, and in my experience, works better on some dogs than others. For additional help, I’m sure there are a ton of books out there. Try searching for “clicker training” on amazon. Good luck! Postscript for recording, this is what my lab and I use it love it, and the results are impressive!

  • There are a number of books on clicker training, which can probably be found on Many trainers use clickers very competitive very effective. The concept is not so difficult to understand and if your dog is just sit down and at his age, you need help. Treats are used to shape the behavior first, then reward performance behavior was taught. If you continue to reward every time the dog just as you request, it will soon decide whether to comply with an order. Once an order is then learned the reward is given randomly so the dog will continue the behavior in hopes of winning the reward. This is why people will go to the casino and gamble. If they still won, there would be no challenge and therefore it would become boring. It is the randomness of the reward that keeps dogs and people interested.

  • I am aware that vary Sealy are tenacious little dogs and terriers are, if you have your hands full. But that just means you have to be more consistent and intéressante.Un clicker is used to associate the “click” with a récompense.J ‘clicker have formed one of my dogs, and it worked wonders on him. A click is a faster response than ‘good girl / boy and makes training more efficace.La first thing you need to do is draw your attention to the dogs, click the clicker and give him a treat. Practice this exercise several times and he will soon learn that the “click” means friandise.Vous can then work on a command, for example he knows sit. Give him the command, if obeyed, then click. Wait a few seconds and then treated. Once he has the idea of ​​the command sit, then you can begin to teach him other commandes.Et that’s all there is to it. Finally, you’ll be able to wean him treats and he’ll just associate the click with making a behavior / action you aimé.Ils are useful for all types of training and because of their small, you can take them every where you allez.Bonne luck with training and remember to always stay positive with lots of praise and always end the session on a command your dog knows when he can not wait train the next fois.EDIT-I did not want for the rest of the lives of dogs, because it is a bit extreme! I just wanted to say, if you wanted to do more training in the park, or walking. Just as the dog had to get used to clicker training and training in general.

  • the click sound is scientifically proven to treat dogs in the brain faster than anything we can dired’abord, you must load the clicker, click and then give a treat, do this for about a minute, each time you click on (even if an accident), you must give the dog the traitementpense that this is a camera, we use a camera to capture a moment, we use the clicker to capture what the dog has faireattirer your dog in a stocking with a treat (but treatment is only used as a decoy for the first 6-12 times, after he’s just a bribe) when it does what you want it to be of mouse and give it a friandiseet not, once the candy is removed, he used to go out of his brain, but your chances of getting an answer to that is better if you use it for the first 6 foisaprès that it has been down, you can eliminate the clicker, which means you do not click every time she faittous my dogs are clicker trained, and they are superle clicker is used only to learn something nouveausi of me you have more questions e-mail, I help teach obedience class and we use the method clickerlivres reading: Clicker Training your chienetDont Shoot the Dogwww.clickertraining.comAjouter a post above, you will not need to wear the clicker around your whole life, once the dog learns the behavior you can eliminate the clicker and only need it again if you want to teach something nouveausouviens also: you have aprox. Click for 3 seconds and 30 seconds to deliver the traitementchoses I-clicker trained my dogs to do: sit, down, paw, sit stay, will stay, down stay, come, say s’ Please, keep, leave, talk and appease the left end, right end, the heel, leaving a little tomberet plusADD: herbie & fern … I was not talking about you .. lol

  • I like clickers. I understand your point, that’s what I thought at first. it was recommended to me by a friend whose dog is absolutely amazing so I thought I would give it a is quite easy to do, just make sure you have treats too, because, unlike the Most people think, food and clicker training are liéslorsque you teach your dog something, you just do exactly the way you would if you were just using treated, for example, if you were the Teaching went to bed, you would put the treatment on the ground and drag it under his nose, saying lay down. whenn therein or begins to lay down, click and give your dog a friandise.Dès relate the clicker with food, and therefore know that the click is good. Finally all you have to do is click and your dog will receive the message.avant to any actual training with your dog, try clicking the clicker and immediately after giving a treat. this will help him to understand early on that the click is many dogs respond well to the clicker, some hate the noise, and some do not respond at all, it depends on chien.j ‘have a border collie will learn things so fast with the clicker and responds grande.J ‘also have a golden retriever that completely ignores and fails to meet the tout.comme that I have already said, it depends on this link for chien.essayez with some nice technical clicker training.http :/ / / he was really helpful for moibonne luck and hope this helps 🙂

  • Hello, Clicker allows the dog knows he is doing exactly what you want when it does so by marking the behavior with a click. Your dog will be motivated to work for clicks because you follow them with goodies. Here’s more information:

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