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Q & A: Potty Training Shih Tzu puppy?

Bluewillow Question : Potty Training Shih Tzu I am interested in how to “pot” to train a puppy Shih Tzu. There is a “training video” Can I buy on the net but I do not want to spend money. Anyone out there know of a “free training” of the site or have any other suggestions. Any other tips that might help me have a “happy healthy puppy” would be greatly appreciated! And by the way …. I have not My Puppy Emily! But thank you for the info! And my puppy is a male … I understand there are differences between the training of male and female dogs …. Best answer: Answer

by Emily
First, you should have understood this before you got your chien.voici faites.chaque how you once you are unable to keep a constant eye on it, or need to leave home to have her always in one of create large enough for her laundry down in (custom dog to pee where they sleep) if you are able to constantly keep an eye on it though, and let her out immediately when you start to see her take a sniff or squat out. stick with it as long as the take (it will eventually go) when it does, give him lots of praise and maybe even a régal.faire each time and eventually it will do its chemin.aussi if you do happen to miss when he left (which is a big no no, it is extremely important that you always catch him in the act) does not scold her, she used to figure out what to scold you. just clean it (even if you clean so that you can not see or smell it, your puppy may still be able to. So, once it looks good for you, go to spot once again just to make sure), if a dog smells like urine or feces they will use this place as their room bain.bonne chanceEDIT ah lol désolé.mais for male and female differences, it There really is not much difference in training to use the outside bathroom. males may try to mark the places where they feel other dogs pee and they will start to lift their leg about 6 mois.Cependant If they get neutered around that time or a little before they ever feel the need to lift the leg.

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  • I hate to say this, but Shih Tzu are notoriously difficult to form the pot. Most dogs are tiny … not because the dog, but because of the owner. See, they have very little pee and it’s easy to over look a little tache.Vous still have to take the dog outside on a clear timetable. Within 10 minutes after eating, right after a nap, etcConsultez the website, you will find everything you need to know. Just be consistent or it could really take you seriously as a year to train full pot it.

  • Well it’s going to take a large number of two weeks until you see some results …. perhaps less, depending on the puppy he même.Vérifiez for more info:)

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