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RobertJW Question ? Husky Siberyan Question I just got a puppy, he is 6 weeks … He is adorable … but … what do JEA) feed? (Any food recommended brand?) B) Can I start training him things? … EX. “Train pot” … inside or outside in a specially … advice welcome .. Legally Sold … ok? and now he is 6 and a half weeks … still sees stopped receiving milk from maman.Meilleure response: Answer

by Hannah M
Tip-Give puppy six weeks old right back where he came from. In most places it is illegal to give or sell a puppy under eight weeks of age. Anyone who sold you a puppy that young is to break the law and irresponsible breeding practices.

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  • Take the puppy back for at least 8 weeks! I can say that you bought from a breeder court, no breeder sell a puppy until 10 to 12 weeks. Its illegal to have a puppy that young! Take the puppy back and get books to read. Huskies are super stubborn and difficult to train. If you own a first time, you should get your money and go elsewhere.

  • Return the puppy to the breeder disreputable court illegally repatriated mineurs.Ensuite a puppy, call animal control and transform poPuis go back and do some research and not getting any dog ​​until as 1. You know the appropriate age and their needs from their littermates and 2. You know how to spell the name RACES. 3.Know an unvaccinated puppy should not go outside, except in your private, fenced in yard arrière.C is basic research to say the least.

  • Food: Feed him with brands such as Blue Buffalo, Halo, Wellness, Avoderm, the Organix, Nutro Ultra, never feed him OrijenNe Purina, Pedigree, Alpo, Iams, croquettes and bitsOui, start training now! Out well ..

  • Hello, Robert! Congratulations you have a puppy six semaines.Je think it’s adorable, but is great responsibility, but you can do. I got a dog his name is Boo Boo.A) It would be better for you to ask your vet because people here really can not give you an answer, it depends on the health of your chiot.B) Give him all your love (which is rule number one) Good on potty training … shit if your puppy in your home then I suggest you buy extra paper towels for your puppy when your puppy poop in your house, then pick up your puppy poops (use paper towel), then take him to the outside and then put crap on the grass and show him where he is suppose to shit. * It will take time * If the puppy’s mother to stop sucking your dog then it’s time to teach him to be a top dog!

  • Believe it or not, if you get a puppy that young because the mother stopped producing milk, you can use baby formula & secure. You should call a veterinarian as edoedo dit.Vous can also go to the store for pets and get books on internal training and just about every other thing you want to know about your chien.C is a beautiful breed I had a puppy from a Siberian Husky and Boxer, it was a beautiful puppy, he was hit by a car before he grew up, I always wanted to have another child who was the same as him but never did, now I do not have time for a pet, they are a handful so get ready.

  • I trained shepherds for a while …. you feed high quality dry dog ​​food 2 xa jour.vous can get wet for more 20 minutes.Ensuite let the bowl, remove and laver.Donnez them all the fresh water they want … Wash the container all jours.Vous can also give them heartworm pills in their nourriture.Ils will not shit where they eat …. they will choose a place in the cour.Assurez sure that when you call the puppy you say come …. and when 20 minutes have passed, you could say form as soon as he stands with you before he eats. …. Then you let go and do manger.louange pet when he does … scold, but do not hit when he messes up.

  • Aww, those are really cute dogs 🙂 Anyway, before answering, when these people said, “sold legally” and they told you to return the puppy, it is because in the United States there are 18 states in which there is a minimum age to sell some pets. In most of these states, the law requires the puppy to be 8 weeks old at moins.Dans IL law states: § 2.2. No dog dealer, kennel operator, or operator shall separate a puppy or kitten cattery from his mother, for the purpose of sale, puppy or kitten until it has reached the age of 8 semaines.Donc, see He says he does not separate the puppy until the age of weeks. BUT, you mentioned, the puppy can still see his mother, yes, I think you should do well passer.Quoi Either way, now to answer. I have had much experience with dogs. We even used for élever.A.) As it is still very young, but do not drink milk more, well, I think everything to feed him puppy food. For the first few days, you have your new puppy home, it’s a good idea to continue feeding the same type and brand of puppy food and use the same feeding program the puppy before it was come to you. Then you can slowly start using the food you have chosen based on the information you received from the breeder and veterinarian. A pet must be connected to a new food slowly to avoid problems intestinaux.Je think since he’s so young, give him wet canned food. Over time, you can upgrade to a half, until eventually switching entirely to food sèche.Les puppies need more nutrients than most dogs âgés.B.) YES! The train! The sooner the better! Well, to train him outside. But only in your yard, fenced, btw. Do not lose out. Some tips when you want to potty train: If you feed your dog a commercial dog food, dry food. She keeps her stool solides.Confiner your puppy to rooms with tile or other washable flooring so mistakes do not ruin tapis.Gardez your puppy on a schedule. Feed him at the same time each day, and try to get up and lie near the same time each day, while he is being trained pot.Les puppies need lots of water, especially if they eat dry dog ​​food. However, while you are potty training, feeding your puppy at least four hours before bedtime, and remove the water two hours before you take your puppy coucher.Lorsque cleanliness, do not play with him until that, after doing his business. If it does not go within 10 minutes, put it in his crate for 10 to 15 minutes, then take the pot again. When pots, praise him and reward him with a treat or playtime short. Wait a few minutes before taking it in, sometimes puppies do not end on the first try, so give it time to be sure he will not have to leave in three minutes.J hope that I aidé.Les dogs are a huge responsibility. I know 🙂 LOL

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