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Q & A: Questions about my dogs and training. broad please help?

question Yasmine : Questions about my dogs and training. broad please help? Hi-I have a 6 month old Maltese named Louie. We had some problems with Louie insofar as the internal training. We recently moved so for some time I have been to attribute these problems to it. We moved into a bigger apartment with my fiance’s family to help them move-Notre certainly disrupted internal training Louie and we had to start a new routine.Aussi my fiance’s mother is at home with him all day (she has a chihuahua that is “paper trained” even if it is more as if she had been trained to urinate and defecate on anything that looks a bit like the pot block.) Louie felt I got a lot contradictory messages to everyone in the house where it is acceptable and not acceptable to go to the bathroom-SOO I finally decided to start his “crate training” more … so we have a small enclosed area allowed in. .. and his feet did not touch the ground once it is outside and first question I’m a little worried that he will see the mother dog pee inside (wherever it wants) and begin to imitate it? Is that a possibility? Should I worry? Second Louie started to pee literally anywhere, even in its “home” so I finally took him to the vet (today) to avoid any (i was getting so frustrated with the poor puppy ) He had a pretty serious urinary tract infection and it is now being treated. So I’m feeling horrible for him but I’m glad we trouvĂ©.Des suggestions about what we could do? Training advice? And it will be the other half mick dog? Best answer:

Answer by Reece Braveheart Aussies
It will smell other dogs pee and be attracted pee in the same place, yes home.So another dog will influence it. This is a few tips on crate training. Good luck.

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