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Q & A: Rottweiler owners only please?

Question swept in the hope ? Rottweiler owners only please Ok my mom has just found a Rottweiler dog two days ago around where we live and is the best dog ever. Many people dump dogs where I live, so I decided that I want to keep. It best meets the Princess name for some reason, maybe that was his name with the previous owners. We were feeding her “Gravy Train” dog food we fed my other two dogs. We took her to meet a lady of her animal friends. It is. she is one year and has no chip, no fleas and is in very good condition. She is very playful and loves people. Although we do not know what she was introduced, but we feed her 2 cups full size glass food twice a day and if we let it eat the whole bag itself. But when she goes to eat it until it ends immediately runs like poo poo the size of cow patties lol. Everyone has a solution and I live in PA if that makes a difference on food for chiens.Meilleure response: Answer by

knowitallssuckiamone You
should seek the advice of a Veternarian -. It has nothing to do with race

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  • It is probably just not used to the food you feed him. Usually when you switch from one food dogs, you must do so gradually. Switching food quickly can cause diarrhea and upset stomach chien.Puisque you do not know what it was fed before, you will not be able to switch slowly. Just keep your diet as you are (you can check whether the amount vs. size and activity level to make sure you are not under / over-feeding her) and keep an eye on his poop. If it does not get better in a few days or worsens or if you see blood in his poop, take him to a veterinarian.

  • Talk to your mother about his account to the vet. Sounds like it could be a change in diet. Since you did not know what she was introduced before, it was not avoidable. But I would like him to extract just to make sure that this is what it is and what a secondary condition was not moving in. better to be safe.

  • Hello – I have a rottie and have had the same problem. I found that this is the type of dog food I fed tle. I switched to an “all natural” and dry food onlyu who worked

  • Yeah .. Feed her good food. Gravy Train is like garbage .. It is not enough nutrition for a Rottweiler .. or any other dog for that matter.

  • Get her a better food. Gravy Train is at the bottom of the barrel and is loaded with information erronées.Essayez Iams or Eukanuba … they can easily be found anywhere. Nutro Natural Choice is another …. If you intend to keep it, please understand that Rottweilers are a lot of work and are extremely loyal and protective. Obedience training is a must with these guys, and being “with” their family. They do not do well, with little contact humain.Bonne luck!

  • Gravy Train is not a food of high quality and could be problems with elle.S ‘Please alert the rescue Rottweilers in your state that you found this dog, just in case it was stolen and dumped .

  • Get her a premium food. addition, a veterinarian him checked out and make sure it does not have worms or anything.

  • I own two Rotties and they will eat just about anything I give them. This reaction when the dogs went to the bathroom, has nothing to do with a Rottweiler. Dogs respond to food differently, just like people do. Obviously this food could be the underlying cause of the tracks or it could be a medical condition. Rottweilers are working dogs and exercise love. You must train this breed before they become older and fatter. They have control; rewarded with praise and treats. Great protection, but I like power as a teddy bear. I have a male role that 145 pounds on his back for belly rubs. I love this breed of dog. Good luck

  • I would like it checked by a veterinarian. The diahrrea could be the stress of being in a new home, change of diet, intestinal parasites, etc. One thing that really sticks in my mind is parvovirus. Does not look like a dog parvo, but it can be the beginning of the disease. Parvo dogs are usually lethargic, have bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Rottis are particularly suseptible to it for any reason. These dogs are dying without treatment just to be sure if I would get a veterinary check.

  • Dogs have very sensitive digestive systems … they always get the jets when you change their food .. I would not worry, the fluids encountered poopies will disappear in a few days, but I would recommend changinging better food .. Feeding your dog hideout, is like eating McDonalds three times a day every day!

  • Things.1 2) parasite-dog to take vétérinaireLe train super sauce 2) food shit. feed a better quality

  • Why Rottie owners only? This is a general dog health issue, nothing to do with the race.En addition, advice dog owner is not what you need is under veterinary advice. This diarrhea is not the result of feeding the wrong kind of food, the dog may be sick. Just because she seems in good condition “does not mean it did not have a bacterial or viral infection going on there dedans.Je would take him to a veterinarian and at the same time feed her small amounts and often something that is easy to digest ie plain boiled rice and boiled chicken peau.Calice

  • if it was on his own time it will take time to adjust to eating regular again, no matter what food you give it, just be patient and assuming it is not bad .. as to the point of his belly desiccant should recover quickly. when my little parasite came here I had to literally spoon feed him for weeks before her stomach turned around so he could eat on its own without throwing it all back again. Now he my best friend and I would not trade it for anything 🙂 Just an addition: every time you find a stray dog, you must have the vet checked first and foremost, because we can not ask a dog what hurts or what’s wrong and find ourselves.

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