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Question KoKoKiTTy is pressed ? “Starter” dog I think the adoption of my first dog! All my life I’ve had animals. Cats, birds, newts, snakes, spiders … Yeah, but I’ve never had a dog before! So, some questions! (I looked like in another thread and checked out some sites displayed.) I have 5 acres of land with nothing but grass. And trees. but above the grass. I want a smaller dog, but there must be an outside dog. (All these lands, but our house is tiny!) I have a cat. I know some dogs are bred to chase cats and other animals, so I really do not know what would be easier to learn not to chase cats, or those who are “pre-formed” so dire.Donc, it would be a good dog that could easily be trained not to be a hunter cat would work well in a large field of grass, not a huge dog (I think my limit of 50 lbs and only if the dog is severely obese LOL), and should I start with a puppy, puppy, or older dog? Thanks for any tips. 🙂 Actually, I must say I LOVE German Shepherds. My father owned one for nearly 15 years, and it was the best. She was not really mine, but for the first 7 years of his life, I grew up right along with it! Since I’m not sure how to respond to other replies (if possible?) I answer some prĂ©occupations.Par dog outside, I do not want the ban! My family is not that animal haĂŻr.Mais .. think of an apartment. Now add 5 people. This is my house. A dog will crowd wouldn supplĂ©mentaire.Quant to put in, it will be in the house! Our cat is a cat outside, but we allow it to come in whenever she veut.Mon idea is to build a corral small dog in the yard to keep it overnight and when there’s nobody home . While we live far from the road, there are always accidents.Si it was my home, the dog is a dog inside regardless of the size / species / gender / etc. But it is pas.Une half of my family has no problem with having a dog inside. The other half denies it is a dog inside. I’m literally in the middle, I can go both ways! 🙂 Best answer : Answer

by Leonie V
why not go take a look in your local shelter? They test the temperature of dogs and should be able to tell you what the are like cats, make sure you have fencing as well. If you go to a shelter, you do not have to look for something in particular, it has suddenly take your eye ….. and your heart.

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  • Get a German Shepherd if you aimez.Obtenez a puppy so you can train the way you want, that way you can train him from the start teh cat chasing e is a great step no.J ‘Kelpies have 3, one being very large, one being very thin and the other being potelĂ©e.Vous will not have to worry about the exercise but because you have so zone.Consultez this site for dogs avaible. (If you are in Australia)

  • What about a border collie. They are wonderful working dogs and would love the room to walk around.

  • I do not advise you to take a chien.Pourquoi? Your statement that there must be an outside dog. You can not banish a dog outside, they must be part of a package. Also you want a smaller dog ~ how are they to themselves against other animals outside? What time? I think the cat is at least of your problems. My two dogs and my two cats are very well together. If anything, the cats rule. But they are all part of the same pack. I think you need to rethink a little.

  • I want to say dogs are pack animals and love to be inside with their owners! Try to reconsider the matter outside. Your place sounds good otherwise for any dog ​​to love. If you are planning on adopting a shelter tell them about your cat, some dogs are fine with cats and other animals. If they know your lifestyle, they will be better able to help select the perfect dog for me vous.Ă€ the dog a little older is that you want.

  • Congratulations on getting your first dog! Obviously, do not get a job / breeding dog. Although they do well with the land, they can herd your cat. (I have an Australian Cattle Dog who thinks the police dog park.) German Shepherds can be a lot of work for your first dog. It really depends on how they are raised. They also tend to have hip dysplasia, which can be devastating and costly for you. Labs and other dogs may have aussi.Chiens mixed breed from a shelter or rescue group are b / c they have less health problems congenital (birth, genetics). For example, my retriever mix German shepherd-Golden is 4 years old about 45 lbs, and has teeth clean and white with no health problems, while my ACD had an irritable bowel disease and must have a food spĂ©ciale.Je get a puppy of 6 MB-2 years. In fact, you will not have to house train a lot as it is to stay outside, so you could get a puppy too. Learn about positive reinforcement training is the best. If you get an older dog, they could have had a rough education, and this means that questions.Bonne luck!

  • There are tons of choices, your best bet is to go to the local animal shelter and save a friend. These dogs are so loving, and just want a place to call home and ask someone to touch and play with them. Labs are great, as the German Shepherd, they are larger than what you stated that you wanted, but with all that land, it would be great. What about getting two, if you can afford it, the two dogs would enjoy having a friend to relate to, but if not, simply choose the dog that picks you up, you know that one …….. …… it will be one you can not take your eyes that keeps coming back to the door wanting you notice them, they all show that you know when they see the new “parents” shopping! Take me! Take me, this is so heartbreaking to have to leave a little late, but please resue a shelter dog, they are so worthy and want nothing but to please you. In regard to cats, it will be a trial and error thing, I think. Some dogs get on great with cats, some not, but you can never really know, the thing is, animals that it will work out, they will decide who they want to hang, and when it’s time to run to the barn! Cats are Great Escape Artists, and dogs have a difficult time tracking them, cats are more flexible. Any dog age will do, just know that most of the race, the shorter the life. A St. Bernard may last only 8-10yrs (I have one that is five years and becomes gray), but a poodle can last 15 years.

  • Do not get all that is a Terrier! They are bred to hunt and want to “exercise” your cat. So that being said, no burrows 🙂 I would also not a race as an Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Kelpie or any other breed of shepherd. That’s a lot of dog that needs a job! You have to build lots and be prepared to exercise every day. They can be smart, but they can learn bad habbits as fast as bonnes.Je would go to your home, or a rescue. Be careful with German Shepherds because they can have bad hip problems because they are bred to run so low in the rear. Goldens and Labs are good dogs, but may also have hip problems and coude.Je think it’s best to get an older dog. Some rescues will not let you adopt if the dog should be an outdoor dog. If you go with an older dog, you know the personality, whether it be good friends with your kitty and if it will be easy to train. Most rescues will test the dogs with cats and tell you if they are good or non.J I found it better to have a dog that is more than a year. They have no problems as the puppy chewing and getting into trouble. Also, if there must be an outside dog, a puppy is not a good choice. It could easily be cold, running down the road or into another sentence. Puppies are a ton of responsibility and they need lots of training. Puppies need to be inside where chaud.So check out at the shelter and http://www.petfinder.comBonne chance

  • I would not recommend getting a dog until you’re in your own place and is suitable for the dog. Already you have a dispute about the care of the dog and that will be worse as time passes. Keep up with the turtles, fish and cats. Dogs are very social animals, are naturally eager to be in a pack situation, with others to limit the outside, and even if part of the family says it is correct, it is not really a stable situation within the family does not want it inside. Dogs left to their own volition in yards often find ways of getting into trouble and are not desirable and are put in shelters / rescues. This can be very damaging to the psyche of the dog as it happens to all of you know, y’all should love and then go elsewhere. Whatever the size of a dog came and no “pre-formed” at all, but requires time and commitment to train and properly care for them – most dogs that end up in Shelters are situations like you describe it so please wait a little longer until your situation is more appropriate for chien.Lorsque is time, then you can look for the right dog for you.

  • An adult would good.Most dogs are inside dogs only as pets there bas.Certaines breeds that make good pets outdoors. You must give them the attention and walks and playtime, grooming and do not forget to check at least the water bowl twice jour.Border CollieCollieLabrador RetriversOr RetriversHeelerShar PeiKelpieNE NEVER buy any petstore! they pets dogs, cats and other animals in there puppy mill breeders or low-cour.Aucun pet is free, do not forget the cost of food, vetinary care, bedding, harnesses, scratching, worming, treatment against fleas, litter, etc. adult puppy or cat / kitten from a shelter would be good for you. Some adult dogs are already used to other cats and dogs, where you need to start from scratch with a chiotPourquoi not get your mom and go to a shelter or pound and let you choose among adult cats make large animals and quiet alot Make sure you choose one that suits your style are many other breeds, but do not buy on looks along or favorite breed alone, buy one that suits your style vie.Jamais never buy from a petstore! Pets can there paper forge! kittens need 4 meals ADAYOĂą that adults do 2It are two different variants of the cockerhttp :/ / …? http://www.petfinder.com Internet … <> Http :/ / / breeds / labrador_retri … <> Http :/ / http://www.akc .org / breeds / golden_retriev … ……….. <> Http :/ / http://www.1-800- / ……….. <> Http :/ / / adopt / pets online <> Http :/ / / info / inftop . ht … <> Http :/ / … <> Http :/ / Internet <> Http :/ / / millennium / saf … <> Http :/ / / tb / dontbuy.html … <> Http :/ / / Article

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