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Q & A: State Trooper Kicks dog?

Question of Dances with Woofs !? State Trooper Kicks Dog Have you seen this a $ $ hole kicking his dog to “train” it? Do you think he should be fired? I want it! I think it should not only be fired, he should be suspended and beaten, then sterilized, so that attackers can not Sire dog anymore. Disgusting! Http:// … If the first link does not work, here is a autre.http :/ / / WTVD / story? Section = news / local & id = 6108766Hal – I would not trust agree.I him.He ‘s of the cops who love to hit someone with a bully club or just for tasering plaisir.Meilleure response: Answer

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  • I think he should be charged with assault on a police officer, because if someone kicks a police dog which is what the cops charge of. (No one is supposed to be above the law.)

  • Amen

  • He was fired. I also sent the Secretary of Public Safety in North Carolina and congratulated cooking soldat.Ce was not training. Period.

  • yes, he should be fired .. what makes anyone think he will not do it again. someone else would have animal cruelty charge against them, as well it should. violence is abuse ..

  • I love dogs too to answer this question, it would probably stop me.

  • He was fired. My husband was K9 for part of his career and said that it is ridiculous. He would never mistreat his “partner”. Thank you for showing it to us.

  • I wonder who or what else he abuses. should not be allowed to have another animal and it should be mandatory to go to anger management and he deserves to be fired. what a sick f ** k

  • Where are our cops answering it? Strangely silent!

  • Not only has it been fired, but fined a certain time prison as everyone convicted of animal cruelty. And if they do not see that animal abuse while payé.Il judge should not be allowed to have more than one dog. Jeez and they must decide whether it was abuse. Some trainer. The sad thing is that if the dog had bitten the dog would have been sommeil.J hope they saved the dog from this place and I found a loving home for him. Too bad I was not there, I would have been jailed for a kick sound. $ $

  • Yes, it is disgusting. I hope they fire him because he seems like the kind who would abuse his power as a cop. It also gives the force a bad name. These are the agents who keep like that tarnishes the image of the police.

  • The officer was fired for his actions. God thank you (but it uses). As stated by his commander, there is no value of training in the treatment of a dog façon.Les that dogs, like humans are individuals first, a second species. Not all police partners agree … so I can see where all teams of agents / dog out. But! Treat your partner in this way instead of owning up to the fact that “this relationship does not work,” was foolish. Cruel And for the dog, évidemment.Je would not trust that person to perform his duties as an officer. if I were her …. patron.Aïe.

  • Kicking a dog like that, it is not an abuse of formation.Im happy that he lost his job. Should be forced to work mall security for the rest of his life! lol

  • I agree with a comment on the story that says that it should not only be fired, but he should be sent to prison for molesting a policier.J have seen and heard stories of other people, civilians go to jail for injuring an officer K9 … why the law be different for a cop?

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