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Q & A: SURVEY, best sayings of the South …?

question by Snookie Baby !? POLL best sayings of the South … Here are some … She talks so much shit, if she spoke she would fuck like toilettes.Vous are as subtle as bricks vol.Elle is as stupid in the head as a pig is in cul.Elle can not help it comes from 3 generations of dumb ass Once you jump outta the plane you can not go as JUMOVous trouble you might as well go up Creeck to shit without pagaieNe not pee in mah boot and tell me it is raininYou & ucked like a goat tied jusqu’├áTu as the end of the butt of uckQuand snotty and she walks his @ ss looks like two puppies in a fightin couverture.Elle is so ugly that she had to stop a train cabbage midnight. “Oh yes, then how does your @ ss taste when he crawled in your mouth.” could I use to, but I did not more, but I might if ya’ll just go chercher.Donc me, do you have one? What are the best words that you have heard or know South? Best answer: Response

Sir s
Lol, lol, lol, love those you posted, I laughed soooooo much. I liked that the Creeck! I heard once that made me laugh so much I cried, but once again I was on a day of silly mood, he was “Hot whore on a platter! ” Another that I like is “butter my drink! T and call me a biscuit”

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