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Q & A: Training leerburg “Ed Frawley” good or bad?

Question oatmeal ? training leerburg “Ed Frawley” right or wrong Someone actually linked this site and I wondered if this kind of work or training is positive reinforcement / clicker training more effective? Im kind of skeptical leerburg training because I do not know if I agree with everything he suggests, or am I wrong? (If you actually take the time to look at the site) are methods too “inhuman” and custom, they affect the relationship with your dog and just scare? Im really confused cause ive tried to research about it, but I keep getting mixed views as one. “He knows what hes talking about.” and 2. Its methods are “obsolete” and unnecessary “. I mean this whole pack mentality, write about it makes sense, but what I do not get is like …. 1.Only” YOU “should be able to pet your dog not strangers! The dog parks 2.Avoidetc. I do not know maybe Im the one thats wrong, what do you think? Any opinions or experiences with these methods? 🙂 If Please help! Or is there a site or a book / video that you can link to me that you think is better :): thank you? Dpar the way heres the link of the sitehttp :/ / / Best Answer : Answer by

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There is a saying that goes something like this “the only thing two dog trainers will be of agreement on the fact that the third dog trainers methods are all false. “What I suggest is to keep reading and learning about different training methods and use what works for you and your dog. Dogs have individual personalities, what works on one dog might not work on another. positive training is great, provided that the dog responds. HOWEVER, if this method does not work for you, another method could function, or even a combination of methods. Use methods or techniques that you are comfortable with. You do not 100% agree with his methods. Just use what works for you and your dog and discard the reste.Voici a site that I found very useful:

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  • I do not really know anything about Leerburg or his training methods and I’m sure he has reasons behind his statements if taken in the full context that his site was for a temps.J ‘I was in training dog obedience for 25 years and I grew up with two schools of thought – the positive and negative reinforcement. Each has its place depending on the dog’s temperament and what kind of response you expect from chien.Si you have a sturdy dog ​​and you want to be a K-9 Cop, you need a dog that responds immediately exceptionally reliable as a machine and is not necessarily the friend of all, you want the method of strengthening négatif.Si you want a family dog ​​who listens when you call reliable and plays good with children, and do not eat the neighbor next door and can not be answered immediately and every time, but she is happy to hear the voice of his master – then you will choose the method of positive reinforcement. There is something to the adage “You get more flies with sugar than vinegar.” This method is less likely to “break the spirit of the dog” and is much easier on the psyche of the manager, because most people are looking for a pet compagnie.Je understand the statement you quoted about staying away from dog parks for the following reasons. dog parks are not regulated, everyone with their vicious, animal control can mosey in and before you know some young pup was terrorized and scarred for life. This poor puppy then never be the same. It is very important that young puppies have adventures with a positive end heureuse.Affirmation one I do not agree categorically and any young puppy coeur.Chaque needs to be received and treated by so many friendly people as is humanly possible. This teaches the puppy how humans are supposed to act and address so that later when he grows up, he will be able to make independent decisions on those he comes into contact with and it will not be until well over two years. well socialized puppies are not “afraid” bite, nor do they bite first and ask questions more tard.Voici another tip for you if you do not feel comfortable with the instruction that is offered you will not properly perform the exercise because of your discomfort and therefore will not benefit formation.Voici of some information from a very famous dog person, that maybe help you in your decisions:

  • All dog trainers disagree. I have been a businesswoman since he left school, but got in canine rehabilitation because I needed to sort my own dogs dehors.En respect leerburg ….. He adopts the theory pack mentality, but to practice, I am not convinced. Much of what he does and says is on training. If you want a dog happy and balanced, you need to give him what he needs and that is what I teach. I am not concerned about the training a dog to sit, stay or return. My concern is coaching owners on how to understand the needs of the dog, how to meet those needs, correct the bad behavior (not punish) and give their dog stability, consistency and balance. This, well done will create a balanced dog and all behavioral problems can be overcome. Obedience training teaches the dog to just respond to commands. It is very helpful and certainly has its place, but do not always make for a balanced dog. He is the man who want dogs to do certain things and I am only for what is good for chien.Oui, pack mentality is at the heart of your dog behavior and instincts, but some of the things this guy one is really saying is stupid to be honest. Why do you say that dogs are pack animals, but advises not to go at the dog park? They need socialization with other dogs, not to be kept away. Each one you want to allow your dog to pet, should be allowed. You just make sure they apporaoch the dog in the right way. I will check through its website, for you as there are many behaviorists out there that do work correctement.Au above anything else, I would do as you are. Do your own research, as I did and not be pushed into adopting methods of someone else if you are not comfortable with eux.En regard to training clicker and obedience training, they are perfect for the purpose of obedience and handling, but one of the worst customers I had was a national champion crufts obedience. The best dog behavior I have ever met, but it would tear the carpet, to destroy his own clothes, etc. Obedience attack postman does not always balance …….. and the balance is more important for your dog. Stay open in your Reasearch.Oooh, just a note. There are groups today who say that DPHM are not really pack animals and they studied packets in a controlled environment for years and did not see any of evedence hiérarchie.J ‘looked into this and all dogs used were sterilized, never come into contact with other dogs or humans and were therefore never given the stimuli that bring the need for a hierarchy forte.J ‘have traveled to America and spent three months from two packs of stray dogs, without ever having actual contact with them and I can tell you they absolutely had a hierarchy forte.Bonne luck with that and if you want me to send my client to read information as well, just PM or email me and I’ll finish for you. I’m not interested in making money from you or anything …… my interest is purely in dogs and help homeowners learn more about them and to meet their ho besoins.EDIT: I’m in the UK and we have no dog parks here, so if they are not regulated as someone said, I agree to be wary of them to avoid negative experiences for your dog. However, it is very important that all dogs allowed to socialize with other chiens.Aussi, remember this, if another dog off leash runs to yours, protect your dog. This does not mean you get bitten. But you can quite stand up and stand in the way of this dog go to yours. If you stay calm and keep your head up, to block attempts to get the dogs to yours, you can diffuse the energy and prevent the situation is bad. Do not make physical contact with dogs like this, they can be aggressive, but will serve to let the dog know that you are in control and also reaffirm that in your dog as well.

  • Here’s the thing about dog training – the only thing that will work for absolutely every dog, I guarantee it … there is not a method that works best for all chiens.La dog training clicker is not, or positive, or package basis, or or or – this is what works for your dog. Training Leeburg works fantastic with tough, dominant dogs. If your dog is sweet, and very subject, so it’s not training for your dog. But the rest of his advice (like how to treat dogs in the same house as children) is fantastique.La first step in training is to know your dog. The second step is to keep your mind ouvert.Et yes, you should avoid dog parks.

  • As I train dogs for Schutzhund and personal protection I use his method more than the type clicker. I have a dog that will obey without asking if I smell chicken, a dog trained to bite must break when specified, it is not something that can be done over. As with any coach that I do not use all its methods, but in my experience to training, showing, rescue and classes Obed positive work with the types of Goldens are not subject to the usual ” bad “rescue dogs and class. More positive is generally slower, but all methods work on some dogs and some problems. Keohlers methods are considered very old fashioned, but he also trained many dogs that have been rehabbed or die and I still use some of its substance with great success and no dog hand shy. The type of training depends on the temperament of the dogs and what is being trained. A type of gold is active, but subject and it is unlikely to be off leash bite work so that the ratchet can be used as if it is not sitting when told no one dies. But many dogs will chase a squirrel across the road in front of the truck on a hot dog possible for a reminder. I use food to the fronts straight on recalls, Kongs or tennis balls

  • Better is a relative term. What is good for you and your dog may be all wrong for the next person. He returned to the method you’re comfortable using, what method your dog reacts to and what your goal is for you and your chien.Leerburg is generally towards the level of working dogs in the application protection laws, DEA and other similar high stress, high work environments. This may not work for everyone. It does not work for me personally, but that does not mean that I condemn the method of tout.Comme Kip said, keep an open mind. Extract / learn what works for you and your dog …. because that is what matters most.

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