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Q & A: What are your thoughts on “fear-based” dog training?

bostontransplant Question : What are your thoughts about “fear-based” dog training My ex and I have joint custody of a dog. We started to use Barkbusters ( Our dog experienced more anxiety (one of our biggest problems is separation anxiety). I had never heard the term “fear-based training.” Now I’m even more confused, as is our response chien.Meilleure : Answer by

training based on fear is very bad.

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  • Yes, the pressure of the dog until it bites you. how stupid.

  • Well, 90% of dog bites are a response to fear, not aggression. So do you really want to instill fear in a dog? Probably pas.Trouver a new coach as soon as possible.

  • and just think how a child would feel if it was bad and had to learn Somone scare the crap out of him. his calling, but if the barking is the problem, perhaps the fear is not really the answer. good luck

  • I agree with others. Training based on fear is a terrible method. Instill fear in your dog, it is more likey to 1. 2 bite you. have anxiety to visitors 3. be attacked by another that could hurt / kill her.

  • Fear has no place in dog training ..

  • “Training a dog based on fear” came out with the stone age. No coach renowned use this method today! Find a new coach ASAP and hope they can repair the damage was done. Look for a trainer who uses positive reinforcement (reward based training methods, treats, toys, clickers, etc.). Your dog will respond with a desire to please you … which is their greatest source of motivation. However, some training aversion can be successful if positive reinforcement does not work (which explains the invisible barrier, citonella collars, spray the dog barking at the water, etc.) but the fear is something you do not want never feel your dog … ever! Find a new coach today !!!!!

  • Based on fear of training? Da. . . FEAR! how do you want someone to instill fear in you when you have an emotional problem. You must ask for help to someone who does not fear or any kind of evil. But understanding and compassion.

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