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Q & A: What is the best dog for our family?

question : What is the best dog for our family My sister, 8 years old, “cute cuddly easy to train” mom “in a good mood, not aggressive, 20 -30 minutes of walking per day, no more, no yip-yip dog, gets along well with children and cats. “recovery media size ludiquebien course we’ll look more at the shelter, but we want idea généraleMeilleure response: Response

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  • Go to the animal shelter and they will help you, go to a few. Vie.Une save a general idea of ​​what? Race has some to do with it, but mostly his personality. Sooo if you go with your needs while away can advise you which dog / dog they think would best suite for your family .. period.

  • I’m giving away two dogs they will make excellent pets for your family and the rest of my family will be happier.

  • Well, when you’re at your local shelter or rescue the other hand, do not get a terrier of any kind, because your mother wants a quiet dog. I suggest a pug they are very funny and loving, but do not need a lot of exercise. I should add that I have seen many Pug / Beagle in shelters as it would be a good match aussi.http :/ / / pug.htm

  • Poodle

  • There is not a lot of shelter dogs usually that volunteers can go home for families with children aged 8 years. Simply choose your dog handle that are good with children. And I do not think most shelters to adopt puppies to families with children, either.

  • Distract you choose the dog and allow the dog of your choice. Bring the whole family safe. Spend time with the dogs as much as you can. You will come home with the right dog and it may not even be the type of dog you expected.

  • Maybe an Australian shepherd or sheltie (like a miniature collie), both dogs are family dogs perfect cuddlers excellent and very easy to train. They are really worth checking in! 🙂

  • Golden Retriever without doute.Cependant, I suggest you take a dog that is already past the puppy stage, since dogs in this area of ​​any breed need more than 20-30 minutes marche.Mais, even an adult needs a bit more than that. However, I understand that you can not have two hours to throw out walking your dog, but a bike at full speed for 20 minutes burns energy both in very little time. So I suggest you take a bike if you do not, this way your dog the exercise they need to be fit and healthy and that you do not waste excess time that you need to somewhere else. Goldens are very loyal and may have a protective effect, but I’ve never known an evil being around children. I currently have 2 and the youngest is 13 months. It is a little gaffe, but an absolute joy to have around the house, even if it does make things sometimes. The oldest is 13 years old and I was 5-6 when we had, so I grew up around it and it is a wonderful dog. However, it is too tied to my mother, if she was not a very good family dog. To avoid this, make sure that one person is training the dog so they are not confused, but apply early as the dog must obey everyone, even if there is only one alpha, which would either you or one of your parents. Obedience training is a must, even for a mature adult. There are many sites around that can teach you basic training (sit, stay, lay down, shake, etc.), but for me, the two most important commands Come heel. The first ensures the safety of your dog when you are outside in a dog park or in your front yard and the other provides pleasant walks / tracks that you rip your bike. A dog can learn to run next to a bike, but make sure you practice on the grass so that if you withdraw, you do not get rash route.Nous had 2 cats and our wholly or ignored, as they ignored, so it was not a problem. Goldens are intelligent, affectionate, patient and do not mind being pulled by their ears toddlers or anyone else. They are not really mine yip and never bark unless I demande.Quant to their rescue, there are hundreds of Golden Retriever rescues throughout the country and a quick search on the Internet can steer you in the right direction. Some have certain rules about fences, so if you do not, your chances of getting a dog from a rescue are slim. We found plenty Development grandmother of gold in an animal shelter, but they told us that another family had considered and if we had not made that day, he disappeared. So there is a small chance you will find a place for adoption or in a shelter, simply because they are so desirable. If you do not mind blends, you have a very good chance of finding a mixture of gold / Laboratory somehow in abris.Aussi, try and research the breed, size and age you want. You’ll probably run dozens of pets in your area that you can meet face-to-face before committing to adoption.

  • My family has a corgi dogs and they are short long. they are sweet, but I suggest you vist u first before buying one. They love to lick people and get pets. they are cherished and are easy to train and do not shed much!

  • A young adult dog would be a likely match for you … there are tons of shelter and most have photos online so that you can see before you there. If you really want to play an important role in saving a life, I offer an adult. They do not receive home more often because they are not as cute as a puppy, but they are just as deserving! In addition, with most adult dogs, they were probably potty trained, will not chew up any more sleep the night before and you will get if they are barkers (yaps Yahoo), you know already their size, and can find the right personality. Many dogs in shelters are there, not because something was wrong with them, but due to an unfortunate circumstance with their owners! Please keep an open mind and realize that all puppies grow into dogs fairly quickly (too), so you will not miss much!

  • Any dog ​​can get along well with children and cats if raised with them from puppy hood.Any dog ​​can be aggressive if you do not former.J have an idea of ​​what you can do to get more or under this type of dog you voulez.ok go to animal planet there should be a test dog, the type of breed would suit your lifestyle.take test and get results of this type of mixture purebred dog or you should get.Of during the test gives only pure breeds, but that gives you a clue as to when you go away from what you should try to get mix.

  • Do you have a fenced yard? Will it be a dog house? If no fenced yard, move away from large breed or breed hyper (if it is pacing in his cage, you do not need). You do not need a dog that required a lot of grooming, your family is not ready to give that kind of time to it. Rest with a hair, smooth small dog. No part shepherd doberman, pit bull or Shar Pei. This should help. Looking for a dachshund. Most terriers tend to be on the side hyper. Beagles and Bassets also work. No labs too big. This should help you.

  • go to the shelter and get a dog that fits your explication.pour race, I think perhaps a Beagle-American eskimoCorgi – Shnouzer Terrier

  • There are many online races selectors, but I think Boxers make great family pets! They are great with children of all ages and do not require much grooming or excersize. As long as you have a garden and your daughter is ready to throw a ball around a little while, he will be happy. Some people think they are aggressive, but they are really sweet dogs affectueux.Essayez to find one in a shelter, however. They need a home far worse than those of farmers and they are just as good (in my opinion better) than animals that you buy from a éleveur.J hope that I could be useful. Good luck!

  • a labrador, they are the best dogs are affectionate and playful

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