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Q & A: What is the difference between “training” and being a pack leader to achieve stability in a healthy dog?

Question : What is the difference between “training” and being a pack leader to achieve a good stability in a dog I hear and read a lot of how you must be a pack leader to your dog for a healthy and stable. What is the difference between this and the training. I do not understand? I watch The Dog Whisperer before and he said many things about being a pack leader. In fact, it’s all he ever talks about and that is how he solves all the problems alone. I think a lot of things he does is in fact abusive. But, what is the difference between training and being a pack leader? And do I abuse my dog ​​to be a leader? Best answer: Answer

by Julissa
From what I understand, being a “pack leader” is all about intimidation of your dog. I do not like that term. I think that dogs and humans must work together. Dogs should not be abused to be put in their place. I’ll be honest … I hate Cesar Millan (aka The Dog Whisperer). I think it is terribly cruel. All it does is based on the erroneous theory pack leader. This guy has not even have any training at all. It’s just a dog groomer outside Mexico

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  • The training is teaching your dog commands and what is allowed in the house as a training house. The institution you are the alpha is to make sure they do not try to dominate you so that humping, biting and other bad behavior. You do not have to abuse your dog. You can look in your eyes, go through doors before it, him lying on his back until he calms down (showing the stomach is a sign of submission) and the forward march of dog on walks and keeping them beside or slightly behind you. The establishment also takes stress off the alpha dog. They believe that to be alpha, they must always be on alert for threats, especially on walks.

  • In fact, training a dog to do anything on command teaches him that you are pack leader! Difficult to think that you’re not her boss while he does what you say! You do not have to be abusing a pack leader, but “pack leader” is often more bot stressed because some people do are not effective leaders and resist the idea of ​​training (thinking that is abusive, or more disciplined)

  • It’s very simple. Be the pack leader, it’s like telling your boss. What did you tell him to do is what to do. When you train, it should pay attention and listen. This is not to beat the tar him. No. Violence is not the answer. Although, if your dog tares up your favorite pair of shoes, then spank maybe once or twice to send the message, “Thats Nasty, NO!” It does not matter. But if he does not understand a command or ignores you. The correct one vote Sturn. Thats saying, “Hey, I’m not your boss!” Dogs want to please. Some want to, but are more difficult. I have 3 labs and one of them is part German shorthair. His attention span is short, it is hyper and anxious. It’s frustrating, but wants to please. You must be the boss. Training your dog requires you to be the leader. Its no different than if your relative or friend tells you something. There, the leader or the boss in this situation. Does that mean you are not satisfied no. But you rely on them for practice. The dogs are incredible. If you look closly your dog, they will speak with you through body language. Patience is also key. go to catagory and click obedience training. This could aider.Etre you boss does not mean you do not have to work with your dog. No, it simply means that you call the shots most of the time. This does not mean that dogs of a robot. Your guardian / parent and you want to watch it and make sure it remains safe. When I work with my dogs, especially after I trained my lab to be my lead dog of my team of sled dogs, she looks back at me for orders and direction. Thats team work with me being the boss. Does not mean it’s bad. But this is not disceplining your dog is bad. This allows him to create bad habits.

  • words are overused and people attach different meanings to eux.La short answer: your dog knows you’re not a dog. The whole “dominance” thing is muet.Votre dog relies on you to provide care, food, comfort, discipline, and love. Taken together, we can assume that these are the qualities of being a “leader.” Violence is an abuse of power. Of course, this is not correct. Neither is letting your dog get hit by a car because you do not have the discipline to keep on the lead – which is that advocates of sweeping formation.Faire dangereux.PS is the day when I roll my dog ​​on the belly and the pin to prove that I “m” dominant “, is the day I start sniffing urine to find out who left the toilet seat.

  • Cesar is NOTHING * is abusive and being “a leader of the pack, that’s it. You must be confident & at all times. This is more or less how you feel or your state of mind which in turn affects your posture throughout the body and langue.Vous need to be calm, but firm when you are training or behavior, or against a comportement.Vous must be consistent and also what works best for your dog does, For example, some dogs respond better to praise, some dogs respond better to a toy or a treat. Some dogs do well with just verbal corrections, others actually do need to do a correction physique.Vous not give a positive to a negative …. just like you do not give a negative effect positif.Cela probably makes no sense to you, so I suggest you contact a trainer and they can help you with your dog and your situation individuelle.À my opinion, someone who is not the “pack leader” is weak-willed, and not very strong head … just more or less a “child’s play “or sometimes they are just someone who is not educated and knowledgeable when it comes to the basics of dog ownership … what kind of people end up owning dogs that are beyond their control or to develop attitudes they can not fix so they end up getting rid of / dump a perfectly bien.Ce dog is not at all incorrect to corrections for non désiré.Il behavior is no difference They go hand in main.ETA-I do not think there is a need for training to do what is Caesar’s, anyone with a brain can do. It shows more or less people that ‘they hurt and then he gives them the tools to help make the relationship they have with their dog a meilleure.C is not rocket science, but I guess anyone who does not grasp the basics might think otherwise. These “misunderstandings” make me LMAO! … # 1 Dogs are like wolves …. the only major difference I see is that they no longer need a block structure to survive. # 2 .. If you treat your dog like a human being … it will indeed treat you like a dog. @ Jesse I know that you had blocked me for some time which is fine …. but I see your question and my answer if I could answer would be …. when humans treat other humans like dogs of the line between the two becomes blurred … the dog is not treated and respected as a dog is not going to understand exactly what the human veut.Les dogs live like dogs, humans live as humans and as long as we can understand and communicate with them in ways they understand … it should not be any problèmes.Maintenant, I know that some dogs are quite intelligent, but they do not yet have the ability to distinguish the difference “mentally” from another dog or another human being. Considering that human beings must be able to distinguish the two as being different “mentally” and that is why there must be rules, boundaries, limits, etc. …

  • Training a dog has been conditioned to recognize and respond to commands when there are no distractions. When you are not head of the pack, the dog will make a conscious decision to ignore you if something more interesting happens. When you are leader of the pack is not the case because the number of dogs is a priority to follow you. This does not require cruelty to achieve. It requires teaching the dog that disobedience is not an option. I think training techniques see yu used to achieve this goal are less cruel than what a lot of sweetness to the leader in their dogs. The name of love. “Help! My dog ​​ate something not on hand, it should not have and it is to vomit blood! ‘”Help! My dog ​​not leashed escaped and got lost!'” Help! I thought me and my pits were a happy family, but they keep eachother bully! “

  • Julissa is correct. Dominance is not a personality trait with dogs. A good trainer will tell you what the problem (fear, resource guarding) without using a pop culture reference as dominante.Vous can be a benevolent leader by creating a win-win for you and your dog.

  • Today, everything must have a label. “Leader of the pack” is one of these labels in my avis.Le principle of training is to have control over a dog mentally so you can have physical control. There are many different training methods and no method it will work for every dog. This is why there will always be debates about what is best and what is not. There are some methods I do not agree with (alpha-roll for a ), but other than that some consider too severe (chokers) I do agree avec.Un well-trained dog, no matter how it was taught, will listen. Bottom line. C is the owner to decide what works best and what methods to use. The vast majority of pet dogs are not the dominant mess Caesar makes out to be, so I’m not a fan . Most dogs are simply lack a clear direction of what is expected of them and have an owner too frustrated to give this direction effectively. Instill limits and be consistent and your dog will listen. C ‘ is that simple.

  • No, you have absolutely no abuse your dog to be a leader! (And yes, CM advocates a fair amount of abuse and methods that will allow the owner to the national average and more problems they had before.) A nonsense “pack leader” It rests on two huge misunderstanding and has been long discredited: Misunderstanding # 1: domestic dogs are basically wolves. It’s totally faux.Les domesticated dogs were selectively bred for thousands of years to promote cooperative interaction with humans. Mentally, socially and behaviourally, domestic dogs are really nothing like loups.Malentendu 2: The dogs think humans are the other dogs. They are not, never, jamais.Si you train your dog humanely and are consistent, you will have a well behaved dog. The dog will respond reliably to your direction. “Packleader” The term really only relevant to describe the interaction of a dog with other dogs. Yes, there is a hierarchy among a group of dogs, and you will notice especially in dogs that live there together. It is somewhat fluid, changing with age, health and reproductive status. Anyone who has a kennel show (where all dogs are intact) can certainly attest to the fact that there is a hierarchy and it is not permanent. Our main b * tch is currently learning to deal with the fact that our young Ch b * tch is considered by all the other dogs as “top dog”. It all started when the young b * tch sexually mature, intensified when she had her first litter, and now Sr. b * tch can see that she is no longer the top dog – it’s been a slow process over two years, actually. But now the girl is about dessus.En However, dogs do not respect people less when they get older or become sick, or when they get a hysterectomy or vasectomy or are just past their first breeding! If you were going to follow a nonsense of the “pack leader”, as it extends to Cesar man, you expect to see the disrespect dog the elderly, the sick, the weak and the breeding nonexistent, does not it? Cesar made a few things very well:-He moves naturally in a way that dogs understand. It has a natural attitude, but trainer does not even understand what he does. He moves beautifully, vraiment.-It stresses that dogs are not human, and they need exercise more than most people ever offrir.Il-emphasizes consistency in training, which is really réussite.Tout essential for the rest he says is complete bullsh * t, and much of it is really dangerous / abusive.

  • You do not need to be rough or abusive to be “pack leader”, but you should be firm and consistent. You are still “training” your dog, if you intend to or not. You should be aware of what you do and make sure you teach him what you want him apprendre.EDIT: If only I could give more than a “thumbs up” to Jessie.

  • Great answer Jessie – hits the nail on the tête.Pour answer your question short and simple – you are never a “pack leader”, you are not a dog, you are not a member of a pack You are the man, you have the resources and distribute them. This means that dogs want to bond with you and do what you ask. You put firm rules, you do not abuse dogs and you don ‘ bébé.Une stability’re not healthy is when you treat your dog well, associate, and the dog wants to do what you want because he wants to please you. Everything else is the bs pop culture, courtesy of Milan, who has no idea why it is successful when it is too often uses methods and downright dangerous, demented who obtain most owners of dogs bitten or worse and the poor dog euthanized .

  • Dogs need leadership, someone the dog can look like the higher ranking in the household and can be trusted to protect against threats outside of the pack. Leadership is teaching a dog that is a different species and thinks, learns, behaves and perceives the world as a dog, how to live in a household humaine.Pour do this, a good leader and calm authority projects from the first day begins to train a dog owner that controls every aspect of his life, including all resources and territory. The rules are applied consistently and put together, the dog is taught good manners and obedience trained, so that the dog is clear in his mind that the expected behavior lui.Le leadership is to be someone, the dog will expected to head to its tail and on how to behave in response to commands from its owner – a dog who trusts his owner remains sensitive controls facing a new situation or difficult mentalement.Le owner of the dog leads & follows, but a good leader will realize that each dog is an individual, and no two dogs learn at the same rate or in the same way, and training would focus on the individual temperament the dog, using the least force necessary to ensure reliably behaves in a manner acceptable.Broyage mind of a dog with harsh handling or abuse is not leadership or training a chien.Leadership and training go hand in hand.

  • I think the “pack leader” label is simply a phrase to get the perspective to people they are a person, they are the ones who knows the rules for living in “society” should set the rules , must take responsibility for their dog and its formation.Je have never thought of myself as a pack leader. But I am “she who must be obeyed”. In the house, out of the house, running in agility competitions, livestock formation.Il of just the state of mind “this is my house and these are the rules for living within it, this is a human world and what are the rules for living in it “is suffisant.Obtenir rules through the dog training makes you the head of meute.Exemple: in general the human being in the house who eats, exercises, and games with the dog as the dog is man adopts as its “person”, his “pack leader”.

  • Formation and structure of the group are linked together a little, but you can have lots of little one and another. Training is teaching a dog commandes.Structure Education Pack is a level of respect and a way of acting in life quotidienne.Vous can have a dog that can do backflips, jump through hoops of fire, a part-time police dog, and winning is No. 1 in many different disciplines that obedience structure group of poor and do not respect you. Group structure is to teach a dog what is yours and what is its … in other words, all things are yours, including his toys, his bed, and himself! It’s a way to teach respect of dog, ie moving when ordered, not getting up on furniture without an invitation, by renouncing the objects in his mouth on the first command and moves away. Training is simply taught by operant conditioning actions.

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