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Q & A: What it means to train a dog crate?

Question Casey G CRS disease : What does it mean to train a dog crate I was looking into getting a dog (shepherd German) and I came across the term “box trained.” If the dog is house broken, why put them in a box? Best answer:

Answer by melissa k
The fund is used to help clean, to prevent accidents. It can also be used to prevent destructive behavior (including well behaved dogs will still engage in). And a dog being acclimated to a crate is very useful if you travel with the dog.

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  • Your dog may be brought home, but he can also love the taste of your sofa or a favorite pair of shoes! Using a crate can be sure it is safe when you go out and so are your property, they get used to sleeping in a crate aussi.Prenez you care, Lulu x

  • Even a dog that is high on bordom when unsupervised will chew on something or destroy something. It is also not only safe for the dog when you are not home, but you will not come home to a destroyed house. I cage my two dogs when I leave knowing that there are cases in tranquility can not get anything that might harm their peace of mind for me.

  • House broken usually refers only to not eliminate in the house. Crate training helps to chew / destroy things when you’re not there. I have two dogs that are perfectly house broken, but are still young enough and chew everything and anything while I’m at work, so they are crated when I’m not at home .

  • Crate training is a way to house train a dog. But it is also a safe place for a dog, a dog uses its cage as a “den”. During the night or when I’m away my dog ​​is crated. I have no confidence that it is only by herself, it tears in things and my house apart. Crate training is very useful as long as you do it the right way.

  • This means that the dog will remain quiet if you need to put in a crate for any reason. As if there will repair to your home and they need the dog from the road. Or if you need to leave the dog with a parent when you are out of town, the dog will feel comfortable with his crate to sleep or nap inside.

  • You can probably google the word and get much more information than anyone is willing to enter ici.Envisagez you get an adult dog … You may not need it alors.Je’ve never used one before my puppy’s newest and I could not believe how much easier it makes a lot of training. At night I did not have to worry about accidents or make mistakes … Or bad when I was not at home. The latter was a huge puppy chewer and could easily kill himself by getting into the wrong thing … fund has empêché.En addition, the credit union becomes a safe place – provides comfort and love … apaisement.Elle I had to do all the usual things to house break my dog ​​…. I can not have the cash used correctly in this area .. but it did prevent nighttime accidents.

  • I have two dogs, one who is crate trained and who is not. A dog is 7 and won the right to full use of the house as it has never been a chewer or had problems with burglary. Dog 2 is a high energy puppy who destroys everything when no one is home (and sometimes when we are), so that it is formed body. In addition to being a relief to me, it is also a relief for her. When things get too noisy here (we have 2 children and) it’s his safe place. The body was an excellent alternative to his being an “outside” dog that I am not agree with.

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