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Q & A: Where can I find a reliable guard dog?

question Duke Devlin : Where can I find a reliable watchdog I asked this question a few months ago and I got pretty nasty if it answers is here nouveau.Je live in a tough neighborhood with my children and unfortunately the packing and moving is not an option at the moment (nothing available that suits us) and in recent weeks, there have been three break-ins (since I first asked this? There were an additional 2) dangerously close to our house. In one case, the woman was also sexually assaulted. I do not want to end up like that. Our hounds are large and intimidating, but I know they will never bite someone. I would like a dog that my kids can play in the yard, but the dog will defend them if the need ever arises. Now, onto why I said “reliable.” View several years ago (3 to exact lol) a member of my family bought a guard dog for $ 14,000 after receiving threatening phone calls from her ex-husband. The dog was stolen in Germany and the dog trainer hailed as “the best dog I’ve ever trained.” Well one day his ex made good his threats and broke into his house during the night that it slept.’s dog did bite, but all he managed to tear his jacket from him and for a while the dog was actually attacking the jacket. It has attracted the attention of dogs and ordered to attack again, but his ex kicked the dog and fled in another room and not come back on. Finally she got a black eye, a broken nose and lip broken. The dog was returned to the coach (and would you believe it, he paid less than half the purchase price?) Well anyway, does anyone know where I can buy a dog reliable protection? security systems can be disabled …. Best answer: Response

by Lenae Fassler
Hmm .. You should ask around me guess .. It is not typical for people to sell animals simply for protection .. You can just go to a shelter and look aggressive dogs. I work in an animal shelter and we have a extremely aggressive dog once he knows you, that would be great. Having children, however, is extremely dangereux.Peut be and alarm system or even weapons work better? ..

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  • Dogs can be shot. Call an alarm company and a security system installed.

  • I remember you asking this question and I remember the story of the dog parent.Vous have really just need enough dogs barking and that’s all. If you have a dog that is likely to bite then it is just as likely to bite into a friend’s house or even one of your friends to enfants.Je do not think the answers you got were “pretty nasty” just réaliste.Vous’re just expect too much of a dog, and unless you get trained to handle any dog ​​(and that would take years) and NO dog is safe in your hands, trained or not .

  • wow, sounds like you need a “hoss” in your vie.haha, hoss was my dog, he was a malinois beligian, it was like 6 years old when we got himm was approximately $ 16kIl was the best family dog ​​there as well as security. he loved to play fetch and caresser.mon father was sitting in the front yard that my cousins ​​Litttle would play outside, and literally watched over them. (We do not live in such a good town), it was also very night, he would sleep in front of the door of my room as if we as protected itself is reposé.il was high Germany, and has competed sutzhund.Je highly recommend looking into a dog like him. yes, it was a bit expensive but worth the money not a bit.c ‘was a video of him in a competition before he purchased it has also been trained to attack and release the arm of a attacker on commande.http :/ / he died at age 11 of bone cancer, but it was incroyable.essayez these siteshttp :/ / ? gclid = COjKhttp :/ /

  • Here are some sites that have dogs

  • gun Pompea full chargeQuand he returns, it will continue to fire until each charge was released (because, my God, she was very scared and did not know what she was doing). better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.

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