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Q & A: Why does my dog ​​house made entirely shit in the house?

Question from Ryan ? Why does my dog ​​house fully trained in the shit house I have a Border Collie three years. She is fully house trained and never went to the bathroom in the house until a month ago. I did some research and I found that if you put the dog in a kennel and do not let them out for potty breaks and to eat / drink it eliminates the possibility for them to go anywhere but to the outside. Well, I was “training kennel” it for two weeks now and it always goes in the house! Should I kennel her train longer? Is it a medical condition? Or does it, just like me tick? Any help would be greatly appreciated! We were remodeling our unfinished basement. It began shortly after the remodeling has begun. It is outside and my kids are often the home most of temps.Elle usually goes inside when we are at home. When we leave, it is outside in our fenced yard. And usually within 30 minutes of coming inside the house where she va.Meilleure response: Answer

by Madi J when I
dogsat my neighbors dog for two weeks, as she was in the house for the first couple of days just because she was angry against them to leave. can you think of a reason your dog is angry against you? if you can not, then it really could be a medical condition.

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  • Sometimes the smell left by your dog prior accidents will make him believe that he is authorized to continue to do so.

  • Dogs are sometimes complicated .. you have to think … I do not spend enough timre with it? …. Should I give him a better environment? …. Well all I can say is that perhaps the w your training is not just … do you reward enough? …. Spend lots of time and when you go withher take her to poo sure have fun with the EHR just because maybe she will enjoy being outside and get used to the fact that when you go outside with her, she’ll get playing time and be rewarded! … I know that many dogs and puppies, so if you need any help email me =]

  • If your dog goes into your house you need to keep her outside at any time if you bring it into the house at night to make sure she goes before she comes in. I did this for my dog ​​since I got it. It can work for you.

  • Is there something different in your routine? Do you work long hours? Not take a walk? It may just be a sign that she is angry against you.

  • Does it go inside the house when you’re home, away or both?

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