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Q & A: wow, why not search results redirect to me always an ad-page?!?

Question? Stranger ¿in Indiana ?!? Wow, why do the search results always redirect me to an ad-page ok, if I type something in google or yahoo, I’ll get there and I’ll lsick on the link to get a result. this can be something of news sites, wiki, or just random sites that say some / all of the URL in the search, but it’s not going there when I click on them, it just goes to some random ad lieu.ici-site, I just did a test to give you an idea … I typed “dog training” in google. said the second link down “trainaing best dog” on the link and the url in the site says is called “” but when I clciked, two different times, I these random only way I got to the page was to copy the url in the link on the search page. which is great and all, but for some search results, the URL is too long and does tous.wth not manifest what I get for these sites ad!?! wth, I just ran malwarebytes si.Ryan M the other day: I have malwarebytes honestley I do not really have like 5 different spyware / malware programs: sMeilleure response: Answer

by Ryan M
This means you are infected with redirecting spyware / malware. Follow the instructions on this site to remove it:

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