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Q&A: A dog house-training method?

Question by woobegone: A dog house-training method?

Our puppy, although she is getting a bit better, still does her business inside, especially in our bedrooms, mostly when we are away at school and forget to shut our doors. One of my mother’s students who is a dog trainer has told her that the most effective way to “potty-train” the dog is,when you find their poop or pee, instead of yelling at the dog/rubbing her face in it, it is best (this is gonna sound crazy)to yell at the poop or pee. She has said to stand above it, making sure your dog can see you, and yell something like “BAD POOP” or “BAD PEE!” and “NO!”. We have tried this and it doesn’t seem to bother our dog a bit. She looks at us like were crazy and gets all excited and runs away. Is our dog just an idiot..or was this dog trainer the idiot? Have you ever heard of using this as a training mechanism?

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Answer by animal_artwork
The trainer is an idiot.

You may want to consider crate training your dog.

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  • That’s the weirdest training method I have ever heard of. Ever.

    Try crate training. It’s a heck of a lot better than spending all day yelling at poop.

  • I wouldn’t say the trainer is an idiot, but they definitely shouldn’t call themselves a dog trainer. The reason your dog looks at you like you are crazy is because they have no clue what or why you are yelling.
    In order for your dog to be successful at potty training you HAVE to confine your dog when you can’t watch him. It is not fair to expect a puppy to be a 100% house trained- they are babies.
    So if you can’t watch him, crate him.
    Puppies need to go the bathroom immediately after playing, sleeping, eating, leaving crate, and every 30-40 minutes otherwise.
    If you do that there is no way your puppy can fail.
    If you puppy does have an accident and you don’t see him in the act- just clean it up with a good cleaner.
    If you catch your puppy in the act, pick him up and put him in his designated bathroom area- outside or potty pads- and say “go pee”. Your puppy will get the hang of it. It takes alot of time and work.
    But remember its your job to make sure he succeeds.

  • I have a 6 month old golden retriever and he is pretty good, but if we are going to be gone for 5 or more hours at a time, we put him in our half bathroom with some newspaper on the floor. He still potties right on the newspaper if he has to, but he’s getting better. He still occasionally will potty on the carpet, but we know that’s our fault because we didn’t let him out enough or were gone too long and didn’t put him in the bathroom. When I do find it, I go and point to it and just say “Duke, what’s this?” and he immediately kind of crouches down as if to say “I know, I couldn’t help it”. But, he’s still young and we never punish him. We just clean it up. Because we know we’ve still got a few months to go, because he is just a “Toddler” now and he’ll stop eventually.

  • WHAT. that’s the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard and I’m a dog trainer

  • rubbing your dog’s face in it is worse. the best way to train them is to catch them in the act, pick the pup up, and take it outside to finish it’s buisness.

  • Your dog trainer may be taking a different approach but it’s not working for your dog. I would try crate training. It is the most effective.

    Good luck!

  • Although it seems crazy I have seen it work> once. It is with the thought that the animal does not get stressed making the problem worse. They can’t see their action as bad so you point to the result.
    A better method is to reward the good to reinforce them repeating it. this sounds crazy but set up a cat litter box and try getting them to use that. If they do then they get some peanut butter to lick off a spoon. A dogs or pups dream. Some breeds really can’t hold it or they get infections or have nervous issues. I’ve seen this method work for each. Some dogs don’t like the weather outside (storms/lightning/snow/rain) and will use the litter box in the garage or in a crate. We had to train one to do this after a paw injury made the cold snow unbearable. She would use the box in the garage no problem. The peanut butter seals the deal and is inexpensive to do. PS. It’s also what you hide any future medications in to get them to take it easily.
    Hope this helps.

  • ok the trainer is an idiot. use training pads. place them in the areas they use the most. these pads have a destinctive smell that attracts the dogs to pee on them. they will soon learn. reward them when they go to the bathroom out side. make them feel good about doing the good deed. give them the treat even when u take them out. They will relize that if they get a treat when u take them they will get a treat when they go out by themselves.

  • Wow! That are you sure she wasn’t joking? Cause if she wasn’t she’s an idiot! The dog has no idea what the heck you are doing! Your dog isn’t stupid, the trainer is!

    Crate training works wonders, especially if no one is home for a while to supervise her.

    Don’t use training pads, this will just encourage her to go indoors.

    I suggest getting her on a feeding and poop schedule. Feed her the same time every day and she should have to go out in about 30-45 minutes after finishing her meal. Remember puppy can’t hold their bladder for very long so if no one is there to take her out then she may not have any other choice but to relive herself inside. This is where the crate comes in handy because she won’t want to poop or pee in her crate. Puppies need to go out after sleeping, playing and eating.

    Make sure when you take her out you try to go out to the same spot. When she poops and pees in the right spot/outside praise and treat her! She will quickly realize that outside is for potty!

    If she has an accident indoor and you don’t catch her in the act, don’t yell at the poop, don’t yell at the puppy, don’t rub her nose in it! Just calmly clean up the mess and act like nothing happened. Make sure you get the mess completely up so she isn’t tempted to go back to the same spot.

    If she has an accident indoor and you are right there, correct her by making a loud sound; “No!” works well. Immediately pick her up and take her outside to finish. After she finished treat and praise!

    Remember to be patient, she’s a puppy and accidents will happen. Best of luck to you!

  • That is a very strange technique and doesn’t teach your dog WHERE she should go potty. I’m guessing the point was to show your dog that poop inside freaks you out but not to take it personally or feel punished. But it still sound idiotic.

    Sounds like you are NOT crating your dog when she is left unsupervised. That is the first problem and fixing that may start to fix everything.

    Your dog needs a safe place to be where she can’t pee/poop or get into trouble. Get her a crate that only gives her enough room to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Any time you can’t watch her or when you are away from home…she needs to be in a crate. Hopefully she’s not left for more than a 3-4 hours at a time.

    Crates are life and sanity savers!!!

  • Your dog is fine, the “trainer” is an idiot.

  • Misa, is that you?

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  • I have heard people talking s**t, but never shouting at it !

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