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Q&A: A Question for Men and Women…What do you mean when you say “I don’t want to have to “train” a virgin”?

Question by : A Question for Men and Women…What do you mean when you say “I don’t want to have to “train” a virgin”?

Last time I check I wasn’t a dog or any other animal that had to taught how to do tricks. So why do some people say that I wouldn’t want a virgin because they don’t want to train us? I didn’t think sex was going to be rocket science. If I would’ve thought sex was hard I would’ve paid more attention in science class, lol. What training do you have to do?

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Answer by Mystery Person
One guy says that to you and automatically you say SOME PEOPLE? I’ve never even thought of saying that to anyone.

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  • lol. i’m a virgin too.
    they just mean they don’t wanna have to.. walk you through it, cus that’s what they seem to think.

    but it’s kind of un-true in the case of guys, they seem to want a virgin..

  • It means you don’t want to train a virgin to have sex. becuse first is the hardest and more ex. people is more pleaser

  • Virgins tend to be pretty lousy at sex at first. It isn’t hard to do, but it isn’t that easy to be good at.

  • What is intended is that they don’t want to deal with someone who is inexperienced. You are correct when you stated it’s not rocket science however I think a lot of men might be concerned that you are going to get emotional on us because it’s your fist time so we just tell you we don’t want to train you.

    For every facet of life there is balance ~ You need not look very far at all to find another man (or woman) who would love to be your first and would go out of their way to make sure you were comfortable with it and never say something like you asked about in your question.

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