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Q&A: Are chihuahua’s harder to house-break than other breeds?

Question by : Are chihuahua’s harder to house-break than other breeds?

I have owned more than a few dogs in my life and I’ve managed to successfully house-break each one of them. Recently, (within the last few months) I was given two chihuahua puppies. They are 3 and 5 months old, and I am having the worst time trying to “box-train” them. I live in an apartment with no back yard, so they can’t go “outside”. I think they might just be extremely stubborn. I’m so tired of scrubbing pee out of my carpet. Other than that, they’re perfect sweeties. So, do you think it might be the breed, or what?

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Answer by nay nay
i would say yes! i have 2 at home and they always do their business in the house. i always give them the chance to go outside on the lawn and they still pee on our carpet! i read in a few articles online that chihuahuas have a small bladder for their body. i guess this means that they constantly have to go.
hope this helps!

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  • In general smaller dogs, tend to be harder to housebreak, or may never be fully housebroken at all. So yes, expect accidents, even when you think your little dog might be completely housebroken.

  • deppends on the dog,all dogs are diff.but,how you can do that,
    is this.
    1.go to a petstore and get “puppy wee pads” and buy 5 or so boxes of them,since you have 2.
    2.set them up on the main place of where they “potty” and random spots.or where they play.
    3.let them go potty and give them a nice word,a bone and a long pet.
    4. you soon will have potty pad trained dogs only!

  • If the puppies are not trained when they are young, and if they do not have a firm owner, they can become stubborn, as you mentioned. They are still puppies, so you should still be able to train them a little easier than you would be in a couple of months from now.
    What do you mean “box-train” by the way? Crate training?
    In any case, you can help yourself by limiting the water that they have acess to. Chihuahuas in particular do not need a lot of water, so a couple of ice cubes every few hours should be fine for them, rather than a bowl full of water.
    If you have not already done so, get them neutered as well. You didn’t mention if they were males, or what, so this could also be one of the problems.
    And above all, remain firm throughout the training. Don’t let them slide on a single thing. Once they have learned a specific behavior, they will be loathe to give it up.

  • I have chihuahuas and they are paper trained and do really well. I have trained chihuahua puppies for other people and sually have no trouble training them. The boys tend to like to mark the house which is a huge pain.

    What might be happening is they can still smell the urine in the carpet even after you cleaned and they think its still a place they can use. You have to totally clean the carpet so completely well and remove all orders. They have a really good nose and can smell things we cant. Dont ever clean with anything that has ammonia in it because that smells like urine to them. Puppy pads work good too because the smell attracts them to it.

  • out of my five dogs, the two chihuahuas are THE BEST in housebreaking area. neither of them ever ever use the floor for a potty.
    one is two years old, the other is about six. I have a female and a male. the male is neutered, the female is unaltered. I work from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and they are in the house all day. they never have accidents. I put pee pads out for them, but they rarely use them either.
    my five year old neutered chocolate labs marks, so he’s not allowed in the house unless I’m home. My five month old Boston occasionally has an accident. My two year old basset rarely does.

  • I’ve always lived in apartments with no backyards with my chihuahua (he’s 3 now, I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks). At first I wanted to box train him but quickly realized it was pretty impossible. So he’s trained to go outside, just like any other dog. It’s just a matter of putting your shoes on, putting on the leash and taking them out. In the winter he doesn’t like going out as much because he gets too cold, so I keep a puppy pad out for him for emergencies.

    Like someone else said the fact that they have already marked a bunch of places in your apartment will make it a lot harder to train them not to go there. My chihuahua is totally house-trained at my place but when we go to my parent’s house, where we lived when he was a baby and being housebroken, he sometimes goes in the house in the same spots he used to.

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