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Q&A: Are my parents stupid or something?

Question by : Are my parents stupid or something?

Here’s my list of events that frustrate me:

1. Our neighbor used to be one of my best friends. When he moved, a guy moved in shortly after and the same week we heard an explosion, so we thought he might be cooking (meth). So I asked my friend about him and he said, “Oh, you wouldn’t know because you’re from out of state but that guy is bad news. He cooks and deals drugs and he’s a theif”. I told my parents this and suggested we move considering how much they dislike our other neighbor who trespasses in our yard and lets his wild dog run free. Or the factory in front of our house. And they said “No, they’ll have to move”. As if these two posh white people have power! Right. And my stepmom has started leaving her keys in her unlocked car and she left windows open last night DOWNSTAIRS.

2. They refuse to get their dog spayed. She had an allergic reaction when she was a puppy after they gave her like 10 different shots at the same time. Now, they won’t take her in again. So we go through a ritual of having to bring the dog in and out and watching her to make sure our neighbor’s dog hasn’t gotten to her.

3. They have all of these cats but refuse to get rid of any of them. Instead, they’ve picked their favorite and leave the other 2 on the porch even they were previously indoor cats. The one has some kind of skin disease and she refuses to have him put down. We’ve been to the vet multiple times with him and they don’t know what’s wrong. He digs at his skin, is losing weight, and has horrible diarrhea. Her “favorite” cat has asthma. The cat almost died a week ago because of an attack but she again refuses to take her into the vet to up the steroid because the cat put up a fuss the last time (she’s feral, they found her outside as a kitten) and embarrassed her. She also cussed out the secretary or whatever because she wanted to give our cat another shot.

5. They’re thinking about getting another dog to “train” the two they have. I told them that they would have to train the new dog and they’re like “I know”. They’re notorious for not training dogs. And they work full time so I’m sure it’s going to end up my responsibility despite the fact that I’m in school.

I’m under 18 or I’d move out. So…do they sound stupid to you or am I just short tempered?
The one that pisses me off the most is about my car. I don’t have a car yet. However, the insurance goes up in our state if there is a teenager in the home that can drive. Car or not. So they’re going to start taking that money out of my allowance. So I said, “Well then I guess I’ll need a job” and they agreed. So I added, “And I guess you guys will need to get me a car to get to my job since we live in this bumfuck town I’ll have have to drive 40 minutes every day to go to work”. And they’re like, “You’ll have a car”. So I asked again about a car the other day and they said, “A car? Not until you graduate high school!”. I don’t even understand how they expect me to find a job. We have women in their 60’s working at our McDonald’s…God a help a teenager wanting a job in our town. There’s nowhere to be hired anyway. No shops or anything. But they’re still going to make me pay their car insurance. HALF o

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Answer by Amanda Mcpherson
Your right, they do sound really stupid

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