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Q&A: Can anyone else hear a dog whistle?

Question by scary shari: Can anyone else hear a dog whistle?

Ever since I was a kid, I could hear a dog whistle. I’m in my 30s, and can STILL hear it, even though it supposedly is far above the range of normal human hearing! I’ve only run into 2 to 4 people who have the same ability, so I thought I’d ask around here on Yahoo.

BTW, when I say “dog whistle”, I’m talking about the battery-operated devices (about the size of a garage door remote control) designed help “train” dogs and/or to get dogs to run away and leave you alone. I’ve never been around the more simple whistles, that you blow with your own mouth, so I don’t know if I can hear those or not.

But the battery-operated thingies are SO BAD that I can’t even be in the same HOUSE when someone uses one, let alone the same room! 🙁 It’s awful! Like stringing metallic dental floss through your ears and then making it vibrate and whine!

Can anyone else hear this? And, do you happen to know how much “higher” than normal that makes my/our hearing ability? Thanks! And WOOF! 🙂

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Answer by sagar
no, i can’t hear it.

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  • I can hear it!!!! I always thought everybody could hear it!!! THAT’s BIZARRE!!!!


  • i dont hear it either u must have really good hearing to be able to hear such high frequincies

  • I used to be able to hear them. But now I can just barely. Now, those whistles that you manually blow into, I can easily hear those.

  • i never knew anyone but me could hear it drives me nutz

  • i can hear it.. i guess i didn’t know we weren’t supposed to..

  • i hear it, but i have hearing issues (almost totally deaf in one ear, partially in the other) so it might just be the pitch that I can hear- but it does hurt.

  • I can hear the one that you blow thru, not sure about the other. I’m 85 persent deaf and wear hearing aids and hear those kinds of sounds. VERY ANOYING

  • i think it’s something else that u hear

  • We have good ears its how our brain funkshion I have big ears I can hear the sun rise If you scream right now I can hear it And please pick me for best answer

  • I can hear it but not as good as when I was a kid. It is a sharp high pitched whine. I have never been around the ones you describe just the simple ones. You make it sound horrible so I hope I never hear one. LOL

  • yeah I always hear my dog whistle

  • Lol dog stop pretending to be human lol..

  • Actually, I can hear the battery-operated ones and the actual whistles. They hurt my ears, so I have never used them with my dogs.

    Some people just have the ability to hear the higher pitched sounds. ‘They’ did a study not long ago that said younger people can hear higher pitches, and that that ability decreases with age. I almost wish my age would kick in and make me unable to hear them… *heh*

  • well i’ve never heard them before but i can here those simple ones.

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