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Q&A: Do you think it’s cruel the way some people alter their pets to get them to be more like humans things? Like

Question by .: Do you think it’s cruel the way some people alter their pets to get them to be more like humans things? Like

clipping a bird’s flight wings, de-clawing a cat, bobbing a spaniels tail, “house training” a dog or punishing them NOT to bark. Why do animals have to be “denatured” to fit human standards? Isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment?

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  • Very much so!

  • nope not all the times

  • I know it’s cruel, but I guess it’s because we are at the top of the animal food chain.

  • Actually that stuff doesn’t bother me at the top. Altough, I hate people who dress there pets. It’s really stupid.

  • No, the love, affection and treats they get, plus air conditioning, all make up for that. We keep them safe.

  • In a way. They’re natural animals. I don’t see other humans telling another to stop breathing it’s out nature we have to so allow them to.

  • yes, i do think it’s cruel. and i’m proud to say that i have never done and never intend to do any of those things to my animals.

  • Yes it is. Dont’ get a pet if you are going to alter them. Unfortunately, humans always want pets to “fit into their lifestyle”

  • yeah it is so mean …i wish i could alter some

  • Yeah! We should do the right thing, let them keep their animal traits and put them all in zoo’s! 🙂

  • yes like some people frensh kiss htere cat

  • YES

  • i don’t think teaching the dog to use the bathroom outside is cruel if done the right way. dogs like to make us happy and it’ll be an excuse to give them healthy treats when they use the bathroom outside.

  • I think it’s disgusting. Certain cruel acts like de-clawing is illegal in this country (thank god).

  • you think house training a dog is cruel? i think allowing it to live in its own urine an feces is worse…

  • Yes. But most humans don’t care about that. As long as their silly, selfish demands are met, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the process.

  • The reasoning behind those things is not to make them ‘more like human things’, but to be more easily kept, to make them less dangerous or, in the case of tail docking, supposedly so they won’t get injured so easily. I don’t necessarily agree with all of the practices (though the cruelty in house training I don’t see), but they’re not to make them more human.

  • i do belive that is cruel and unusual punishment. and it shouldnt be done and if you see something wrong with how someone treats their animals and its not right by the law you need to turn them in….no animal should be treated wrong their livin animals and have a heart too

  • Yes I do…I hate that

  • oh yeah thats cruel but if we did not do this animals could herd people

  • some of them are cruel. but house trining and training them not to bark isnt cruel.

  • Man… every living thing has to be ‘remoulded’ in order to fit into the world of the top species on earth, which is of course humans… Sure its not fair to de-nature an animal but that’s life.. even humans have suffered in order to fit into an ideal world but even though this is not fair its still necessary…

  • Yes, I do. If people don’t want their animal to do the things they were intended to do, they probably shouldn’t own the animal.

  • yeah i do think so..its SO cruel…..where’s the PETA now…..busy convincing some other actress to go starkers for them i guess…

  • I think it’s cruel to clip a birds wings, declaw a cat and bob a dogs tail but teaching a dog to not poop or pee in the house is something even in the wild they learn. They learn to not do that in their caves and our houses are essentially their caves.

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