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Q&A: How can I ask my mom for a dog?

Question by simsfanatic228: How can I ask my mom for a dog?

Alright. So I have two siblings, and two dogs. One is half golden retriever, half labrador retriever. The other is half Saint Bernard, half beagle. (Weird, ik!) So they are average sized dogs, about 50 pounds each. Both dogs are well behaved, “house trained” and they use the yard as the facilities. We have about a 2 acre yard (we live in the Suburbs) and we have an invisible fence so that the dogs can run as they please and not get hit by a car. However, the dogs are family dogs, and they relatively ignore me. They favor my mom and my brother and sister. I would REALLY like another animal that dotes on me. My dwarf hamster and fish do not cut it, but I take care of them. My dad and brother are allergic to cats, so a cat is out of the question for me. I was looking at Chihuahua’s because they are smaller, one person dogs. And they don’t shed as much. My mom only has to fill the dogs bowls up with food before she leaves for work in the morning. I clean the yard, and I help her vacuum occasionally. But I digress. How should I ask my mom for a little dog just for me? I have my own money, and I would be looking for a shelter dog, because both my other dogs are adopted from rescue shelters. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks for taking the time to read!!! 😀 Have a good day!
I’m 14, by the way.
Thanks everyone!! 🙂 I’m going to try to socialize with my dogs that I have now. If my mom says no, then I’ll just accept it and move on.

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Answer by surfergirl
Well, I would say just tell your mom what you just told us! Say you feel like the dogs like everyone else a lot and you want a dog of your own. Let her know you have money for it and also let her know you will feed it and take care of it. If you get a new dog, and someone else feeds it, it will probably like them better so make sure you feed it. If your mom doesn’t let you get another dog, try getting your other dogs to like you. You should be the one to feed them, because dogs often like the people who feed them because they can’t live without food. Also try getting your dogs to sleep in your room and play with them, walk them.

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  • Not sure why you want another dog right now, as your family already has two. They are not even contained in a real fence; what is to keep your dogs in and keep stray ones out? If your family’s dogs ignore you, perhaps you should attempt to socialize with them.

    To attempt to convince your mom, you will need to prove that you will have an active part in the care and maintenance of the dog. Caring for a dog includes daily exercise, feeding, training, preventative health, and hygiene. You will also need to ensure that you will follow-through with your promises, because a lot of childrens’ pet care promises wane over the first several weeks and months and their parents are left with the responsibilities.

    You may get an answer from your mom that you don’t want to hear. In that case, accept it and bide your time until your situation changes. If the decision is made to get a dog, go online and to the bookstore and read-up on getting a dog and how to find the right one for you. Check rescue organizations in your area for dogs available for adoption.

  • Type your question in the search for questions bar and see how many thousands of times this SAME question has been asked. Shelter dogs also need vet care. How will a 14 year old be able to pay a large vet bill and all the other necessities that a dog needs? I can see why your mom doesn’t want another dog since she’s the one who responsible for feeding them.

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