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Q&A: how can i get a dog to not be aggressive?

Question by : how can i get a dog to not be aggressive?

my boyfriend has a terribly aggressive 6 year old schnauzer. i cannot even hug my boyfriend without the dog jumping up and barking in my face in a vicious manner. this same thing happens no matter what type of contact i make with him. the dog also doesn’t even let his mother hug him without reacting the same way.i have been nipped at by this dog 3 times now. my boyfriend does nothing to deter the dog from this behavior because it “will affect his loyalty training”. the dog even jumps up on me and barks from just talking to him or his mother. we live together and i am at the point of wanting to move out because i cant handle the dog any longer. PLEASE give me some suggestions on how to deal with this.

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Answer by cutieeegal
If ur bf keeps him on chains with other dogs it affects him also he might not be used to u n dogs dont understand human language.Maybe he thinks their gonna hurt him also might wanna take him to the vet because he could have rabies or something that causes aggressiveness

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  • Ok, definitely dump the BF. He has a poorly trained dog and refuses to stop the behavior that is dangerous to you. I would say that is the highest level of disrespect.

    I am not one to advocate an ultimatium as in ‘the dog goes or I go” but I would say, ‘the dog gets trained or I go’.

  • I agree… he needs to train the dog. Right now the dog is only “loyal” to him because he’s essentially the dog’s b*tch. By the sound of it the dog is in charge in the house, and doesn’t seem to have any actual respect for you or your boyfriend. A dog’s owner must be the “alpha”, and be in charge in order to earn a dog’s respect and get it to obey. This is done through calm and assertive leadership with clear boundaries and discipline. This type of leadership will not undermine a dog’s loyalty, only strengthen it.

    You can make your life easier by taking the dog to training yourself, and earning the dog’s respect and obedience that way. The dog can learn to listen to you even if he won’t listen to your boyfriend. Try the book linked below. If your boyfriend really cares about his dog at all he should be reading it, or something similar, as well.

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