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Q&A: How do you feel about training someone’s dog…?

Question by Jane: How do you feel about training someone’s dog…?

….for them and then giving it back after it’s trained?

Training such as:
Potty training and basic commands

I get a lot of people asking me to “train” their dogs for them but their idea of training their dog is someone else does all the work for them and the dog gets shipped back and miraculously is a super obedient dog. Have you guy’s ever tried anything like this? or gotten these kind of remarks also from friends and families?
@Skibbs: Yea definately skibbs! My biggest problem with those kind of requests is that they seem unwilling to do the work to begin with so even if someone hands you a perfect dog and they don’t keep up with it, it’s pointless.
@Bri: I know BRi, right? The best part of owning a dog is training it and your journey together! Why would anyone want to miss out on that!!
@Carla: Thanks :D…
@oregano1: TU way way UP!

Best answer:

Answer by Ben M
its okay

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  • It’s total bull. A dog may obey you but if the owner does not know how to handle it and interact with their dog it’s a waste of time.

  • I do it all the time at work with our board and train program. The only problem is that if people are too lazy to train their dog in the first place, they’re usually too lazy to keep up with the training once they get the dog back. Therefore, the dog will learn but then just revert and forget whatever you taught them due to the owner not continuing to work with the dog or knowing how to handle it. Training is a lifelong practice, not just a one-shot “ok, they’re the perfect dog now, you never have to reinforce basic commands ever again!”

  • NO, I call that laziness. I have gotten friends and family who say “I wish you’d train my dog/s”, but the only thing you SHOULD do is show then and teach them how to do it themselves. Thats the whole fun part of having a dog!

  • Just tell them sure I will train your dog for 15 dollars an hour. This will motivate them to keep it up money usually gets everybody attention, or try it themselves. either way the dog wins.

  • While I was visiting an out of state friend she asked me to help train her GSD/Lab mix. I taught it sit and lay down, that’s all. I told her she needed to do the rest. I’m sure the dog doesn’t know diddly squat anymore.

  • Doesn’t work. Training needs reinforcement. And if the owner isn’t involved, the dog will soon be back to its old ways. While I’m certainly in favor of enlisting a professional when needed to help, the owner needs to be closely involved. Most of dog training is training the owner rather than the dog.

  • Well, take it as a compliment. They see what you do with your dogs and wish they could do it too. Some people have a way with dogs and love to train and make it look easy. It isn’t. We all agree on that. So, try to help them along by giving them great resources, tips, encouragement and suggestions for classes. I have done work for people who just don’t follow through and it is very frustrating. I have also taken on dogs for elderly people and people with disabilities who can’t manage what I can and then transition the dog back to them with training and follow thru and they are very committed and I find that very rewarding. Perhaps you could look into becoming a dog trainer for people who want to take a class? They come, you set the curriculum, and they go – what they get out of it is what they put into it, but you are sharing you talent! You might like that!

  • I’ve been asked that a few times,not that I’m an expert trainer or anything,actually,according to some TC loser (im sure it’s a zoophile as well) ,I’m a retard and jump to conclusions to quickly.

    So I tell them to get some dog training books and do the training themselves.
    The dog won’t listen to them if they don’t earn the dog’s respect.What’s the point in the dog respecting ME if it has to live with them?

  • As everyone else has said, training a dog is only effective if someone keeps up with the training. I’d explain to them that sure, you can train the dog, but if it goes home and no one follows through on what the dog has learned, it will soon be untrained again and they will have thrown away any money they spent on training. Tell them you wouldn’t mind having an ongoing income from training the same dogs over and over again, but what you’d really like is to see dogs whose owners care enough to keep up with the training.

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