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Q&A: I want a puppy!?

Question by kristilkleer: I want a puppy!?

We have 5 children between my husband and I and all of them want a house puppy. I say puppy because I would prefer a smaller dog to be in the house, so it doesn’t really have to be a puppy per say, just a smaller breed of dog.
The reason for not getting a dog before was because we lived in a really small house and I didn’t feel there was room for one more living being. Now we’ve moved into a huge house with a huge back yard and I feel like it’s time to get a pet. I don’t want a cat because I just got a house full of furniture and I don’t want it sharpening it’s claws on it. My husband doesn’t want a dog because he says the house will smell of pee and poop but my dad “kennel trains” all of his dogs and they are all house trained in a matter of days.
I guess my question is: what is a good, smaller bred dog that is good with children and smart enough to house train quickly!
I should mention I don’t have small children…they’re all over the age of 10.

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Answer by cagney
your best bet is to contact a local small breed rescue or shelter. they have many small young dogs that are often potty trained avaiable. but expect to have to do some housetraining with any new dog in a new house. yes kennel training is the best method. but you and your husband must both be in agreement before bringing a pup home. it will be the responsibility of you both. the workers at the shelter or rescue will be able to best match you with not only the breed of dog that works best for your situation, but more importantly the best tempermented dog that meets your needs. also make sure your children have proper dog mannors, it’s not only the dogs that have to be good around kids, but the kids around the dog. remember this is a huge financial responsibility not just time and exercise. good luck and i hope you find the perfect newest family member.

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  • Lhasa Apso, Poodles. Please make sure the children are not to rough with the dog. A puppy needs rest and fresh water at all times and especially chew toys.

  • There isn’t going to be a dog that gets house trained in a matter of days. It takes a long time for it to happen. Just like when people are little and learning to use the potty right. Accidents happen even though the pup knows its not suppose to go there some times.

    Beyond that, you’re gonna have to match the dog based on the energy level that you and your family has along with its temperament, to match up.

  • well i have one for you…my aunt breeds papllions… they are really cute small dogs that look a little bit like chihuahuas… they are really smart little dogs… some other small breeds are the chihuahua itself but they can get noisy… beagles are also smaller types of dogs…im not too sure about their personality… ive never had one… jack russel terriers are small dogs too and they are really sweet! i will give u my aunts website in case u wan to look at some…

  • cockapoodles are nice, my friend has one, and he knows a buncha tricks

  • Shel ties (Shetland Sheepdogs).
    Easiest dog I ever had to train.
    He practically trained himself, and I’m not kidding.
    He never has to walk on a leash, he stays right by our side when we go for walks.
    He listens the first time I call for him.
    He was very easily potty trained.
    And wonderful dispositions

  • No small breed dog (Toy sized) is good with children. Simple as that. Children are rough without realizing it and accidentally hurt the dog. This can lead to ER visits from dog bites or vet visits from accidentally broken bones.

    I suggest either a Beagle or an Australian Cattle Dog. Both are on the smaller side, but are big enough for kids. Both are friendly, family breeds.

    I personally prefer Australian Cattle Dogs because they don’t have the hound dog howling. I believe that the ACDs are smarter than Beagles, or at least easier to teach more complex behavior. They were bred to herd cattle, obviously, which means that they are sturdy and quick thinkers.

    Also, another good thing about the sizes of these dogs is that they aren’t so small that you’re going to step on them, and not so big that they block the path. You can step over them, but you really know that you’re stepping over them.

  • You have some choices to make.

    Cats can be hard on the furniture – for that reason we had the front claws removed from ours. It is an option you may consider, since cats usually litter train easily.

    With a big yard, you can have any size dog you like, but smaller ones make smaller messes. I think that breed choices are too personal for a forum like this, but I would urge you to check the local shelter or animal control facility before you buy a puppy. You may find a dog that connects with you and your family. I like big dogs, but we took a little Chihuaha/terrier mix home because he had such character. Turned out to be a great dog!

    Adult dogs are often housebroken already. With a fenced yard, you should also consider a pet door so that the dog can come and go at will.

  • How about a Sheltie? small ,smart, and beautiful —

  • Well do your research first. Small dogs are often nippy with small children so if all your kids are about 10 years and up….a small dog wouldn’t be too bad.

    Maybe a retired greyhound. Yes they are a bit big but they are odorless and when they are put up for adoption they are already house trained (so your hubby can’t really complain). They are good for older kids or children that won’t touch them as they are eating (cause its just annoying to have a kid snatch your food). They would love a big yard and kids to play with. BUT BEWARE. Inside the home they are known as the world’s fastest couch potato.

    You can also try similar breeds such as whippets (smaller) and italian greyhounds (chi sized greyhounds).

    By the way….it takes a while to fully house train a dog. Unless a dog is already house broken expect a few weeks. Puppies and small dogs tend to be a bit more hard headed.

    Also any dog who gets bored will shred your furniture and sometimes worse than a cat will. Don’t expect a small dog to be easier to handle. A cute little chi can be as hard to handle as a dane if not trained properly.

  • i have had many dogs in my life and i can say that a pembroke welch corgi is the smartest dog i have ever seen. they are easy to train and small enough and tolerant of children. they are herding dogs so they need exercise and so do your kids.only downside is they shed and need daily grooming. but with 5 kids to share the work i think you will be pleased with one.

  • Affenpinscher : a spunky pal, these dogs are best for active, alpha owners

    Brussels Griffon : An amusing companion with a terrier personality, make sure he knows you’re the leader of the pack.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel : a charmer who gets along with just about everyone – people, dogs and other pets.

    Chihuahua : a Doberman brain in the tiniest of dog bodies! Can be long or short haired.

    Chinese Crested : If you want attention, this is the dog.

    English Toy Spaniel : If you can’t live with an English Toy Spaniel, you can’t live with any dog.

    Havanese : This lively and outgoing companion fits in well even if there are other animals already in the family.

    Italian Greyhound : He likes (even demands) an occasional run and is as fast as his name suggests.

    Japanese Chin : He looks like a spaniel but his behavior is catlike without the attitude.

    Maltese : The classic lady’s lapdog, he can lift the spirits of any dog lover.

    Manchester Terrier : Think terrier, not lap dog.

    Miniature Pinscher : No, this is not a smaller version of the Doberman Pinscher, and he actually predates that breed. Known as the “MinPin,” he sees himself as the Pinscher, not the Miniature.

    Papillon : Don’t let his big ears deter you! This is one of the gentlest and sweetest of the breeds.

    Pekingese : There’s no doubt who will be king or queen of this household, and he’ll consider your lap his throne.

    Pomeranian : Famous vet Dr. Bruce Foogle calls him a “superb companion.” Ideal for former cat owners who want to get a dog.

    Pug : Playful or serious, he loves company and may sulk if you exclude him from your activities. Don’t overfeed him, however, he can turn into a butterball.

    Shih Tzu : A charmer who loves attention and sitting in your lap. While he’s there, groom his double coat with a steel comb and bristle brush.

    Silky Terrier : A dog who is more terrier than Toy and considerably scrappier than his

    more-refined cousin, the Yorkshire Terrier.

    Toy Fox Terrier : The energy of a terrier and the size and minimal maintenance of a Toy breed. He’ll play with you all day and then sit in your lap at night.

    Toy Poodle : Smart – very, very smart. Avoid misbehaviors and chronic barking by keeping him mentally engaged. Toy Poodles are the reason for the old saying, “a good dog is a tired dog.”

    Yorkshire Terrier : The most successful YUPPEY in dogdom. From a scuffy past as a rat catcher, today’s beauty is possibly the most overprotected and indulged dog in America.

    I have 2 toy poodles and I love them to death, they are non shedding, non-allery, very friendly, smart dogs.
    Look at pictures of these dogs on the internet and pick the ones you like the best then find a breader , pet store or someone who has these types of dogs and spend time with them before you choose the dog that’s right for you.
    Good luck and happy puppy shopping!

  • Beagles are good as long as they’re in the house with you and get alot of interaction. If you put them outside alone to live they will howl. Other than that they are excellent with kids and easily trained. They’re very smart dogs.

  • Well cats i dont like, they dont like to play that much…theyre more for older people. Talk to your kids and tell them since Daddy doesnt want the doggie inside, they will have an outside dog…it much easier!! your house wont smell and the big huggable ones are the best!!! especially for kids!!
    if you want a bigger breed, i reccomend:
    Golden Retriever
    Labrador Retriever

    English Bulldog

    Lhasa Apso
    Toy Poodle
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    the poodle will work out best for you if you have an inside dog.Small dogs dnt really like children but the Toy Poodle or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can handle them better though.Beagles are adorable and sweet with children.Love to play…and a Golden or a Lab are awsome!!! Good Luck!!

  • I have a website
    and if u give me the breed u want and the location I can find 1 quickly. My grandma got a Boston Terrier and she potty trained it in a day. They are sweet sweet dogs.
    My website-
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