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Q&A: Jack Russell Question?

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We have a 10 yr old female Jack Russell that is very dominant and in the last few years she has become dog aggressive. We want to get a lab puppy but arent sure how she’ll take it. In the past she has gotten along with other dogs, but they were very submissive, so our thinking is that she would be “ok” with a puppy. We figure after the initial introduction she will “train” the pup that she is the boss and wont feel threatened. (obviously very close supervision will be involved).
any thoughts? suggestions?
maybe more info… the dog has no problems with people and wasnt always this way. she was fine up until about 5 years ago when her “sister” was hit by a car. from then on, she has just gotten worse over time. we introduced her to our friends 2 pugs (with a muzzle on) and she was absolutley fine after the first 10 minutes when she barged in and knocked them over. but then we go to my moms house and she has to be seperated.

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Answer by Luke
ive got a lab and a kelpie(aggresive dog) and they fight when they both go to eat out of the same bowl and my lab always comes out second best

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  • if you could not train the jack russell, why on earth get a puppy ??? and wanting the poorly socialized jack russell to “train” a new puppy is just stupid … i say get your jack russell under control and then consider another dog …

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